Which linux distro is most suitable for offices? Check out my reviews

Migrating from the Windows operating system to Linux on a company is not an easy matter mentally and emotionally. Why? Because since the first time you know the computer has introduced with Windows operating system. Nearly 80% of offices use Windows operating system. But it could be your office to switch to Linux. UX Linux distro in the present (2017) is much better than the year 2000. Improvements made to make users feel comfortable. Which Linux distributions are suitable for your company? Read my review.

Linux is an open source operating system developed by Linus Torvalds. Linux superior to Windows operating system for offices because Linux is free and safety from virus attacks. Regarding security, Linux is better than windows. For more information please read The advantages and disadvantages of Linux for offices .

Which Linux distro is suitable for offices? LUBUNTU is the right choice for you (I’m not promoting this distro, it’s just a personal experience). If you used windows, especially windows XP. Display menu of Lubuntu resembles with Windows. In fact, most of the keyboard shortcuts in the Lubuntu the same as windows. Lubuntu screen as shown below:

Lubuntu Layout Looks Like With Windows Xp Display Layout

What is Lubuntu?

Lubuntu is a variant of Ubuntu Linux distro. Lubuntu developed as a lighter Ubuntu variant. LUBUNTU uses less of resources and uses the LXDE desktop environment.

Like the picture above, the layout of the design Lubuntu resembles Windows XP. If you frequently use Windows XP operating system, it will be easier to migrate to Lubuntu Linux.

The lower left button is like the start button of windows. When the button clicked will appear a shortcut menu to run the Application.

How To Install Driver Printer On Lubuntu

Using the Lubuntu, you don’t have to worry about the printer driver. They already provide the full.

Samba File Sharing More Easy Than Windows Sharing

To do file sharing, we can use samba share which is technically much easier than using Windows file sharing.

Also, in Linux has office applications as good as Microsoft Office Software. Alternatively, you can use Libre Office or WPS Office. Both software highly recommended.

Often someone asks “Are the files of Microsoft Office can to be used in Linux?”, Yes, of course, it could. All office files can run well on the Lubuntu. You don’t need to find a convert program to convert Microsoft Office files to Linux.

How to run a file with .exe extension in linux ? Linux has an app called “wine“. With wine, you can run the Windows program. The wine installation is also easy to install.

By 2017, almost all applications already support with Linux. Some office applications you might use such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, VNC, Teamviewer are already provided by LUBUNTU.

To be sure, Linux safe from a variety of viruses, safe also from ransomware wannacry.

And regarding the cost, Linux is distributed for free and has the full support of open source groups around the world.

Are you still hesitant to switch to Linux? Hopefully my article “Which Linux distro is the most suitable for offices?” Probably useful for you.

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