Using All In One SEO Pack WordPress Properly To Increase Website Traffic

The right setting of SEO plugin will increase your website traffic significantly. Previously I have discussed The Latest Way For Configure SEO By Yoast Plugin NEW, on this occasion I will share how to setting All In One SEO Pack that I use on my site

WordPress has provided thousands of plugins that can be downloaded for free from the Among them, there are several SEO plugins that can increase traffic website if we managed properly. I think there are only 2 frequently used SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast and the All In One SEO Pack. Not necessarily uses one plugin that I have mentioned can increase your traffic site, quite the opposite if the SEO Plugin settings are not properly will cause your site to be located at the lowest point

I will discuss the complete guide how to use All In One SEO pack. This plugin has a simpler arrangement than SEO By Yoast Plugin.

Do not perform the installation of the plugin All in one seo pack and SEO by Yoast simultaneously, will only make the SEO on your site become a mess. Choose one that suits your convenience.

How To Use the right settings of All In One SEO Pack WordPress

Please download and install the plugin All in one SEO pack WordPress plugin through the menu as shown below

Using All In One Seo Pack WordPress Properly To Increase Website Traffic

If successful, this plugin will be installed on the dashboard next to the top menu

All In One Seo Pack WordPress Menu Location

Click on the general settings and make sure your settings match the picture below

General Settings Using All In One Seo Pack WordPress

Then do the settings Homepage section by filling out some details such as the Home Title, Home Description, and Home Keywords :

  • Home Title : Fill in with the name of your blog along with keywords or tagline, in this column you are suggested to fill a maximum of 60 characters for better results.
  • Home Descriptions : In this column, you fill with a description of your blog, be sure to fill no more than 160 characters. Make a description interesting, informative and there are keywords that you select.
  • Home Keywords : Meta keyword is not supported by the search engine anymore, please be ignored, but if you prefer to use the Meta Keyword, please fill it with the keywords you select.

Homepage Settings Using All In One Seo Pack WordPress To Increase Website Traffic

For the “Title Settings” I don’t make any changes at all. As shown in the picture. Or you can remove the formatting “% BLOG_TITLE%” at the Post Title Format.

Custom Post Type Settings All In On Seo Pack WordPress Plugin

Above picture is the settings you need to adjust to “Custom Post Type Settings

Display Settings Using All In One Seo Pack Plugin

Equate the “Display settings” with the image above

Webmaster verifications : This step is used to verify your WordPress blog with Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Pinterest. All you need to do is, register your site to all three of these sites, and download a verification key, and paste it. You don’t need to fill in all if you just listed your site in Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. Pinterest is usually used for Wallpapers site.

Webmaster Verifications Setting On All In One Seo Pack

Google Settings: All in One SEO Pack Plugin supports Google’s Authorship. This will work properly when you are running a WordPress blog with a single author. Simply add the URL of Your Google profile plus, and in your Google profile plus add the link to your Blog as well. In this setting, you can also enter a useful Google Analytics ID to enable Google Analytics tracking for your blog. I make sure you understand to perform charging google settings.

Noindex Settings are the most important settings, in my opinion, don’t get it wrong or your site will not be indexed on search engine machines. Make sure your settings match the picture below

Noindex Setting All In One Seo Pack Configuration

On the “Advance Settings“, I just tick on the option “Auto Description Generated“. If you are lazy or forget to write meta description manually, by selecting this feature will help you to write the meta description automatically.

Autogenerate Descriptions All In One Seo Pack

At the “Keyword Settings“, and as I’ve explained above that now the search engines do not rely on Meta Keyword, in this setting, I prefer to disable it.

Don’t forget to click “Update Options” button.

Thus my tutorial on how to using All In One SEO Pack WordPress properly to increase website traffic, hope useful.

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