Upgrade Responsive Bootstrap Table Using Footable Plugin

Boost the standard performance of bootstrap 4 tables to be more beautiful and elegant. Using the default responsive table default bootstrap is still not user-friendly. If you need a plugin that can customize the default bootstrap table to be more responsive if opened using a smartphone or screen with a smaller resolution, the footable plugin is the best solution. I use a footable plugin to perfect the bootstrap standard table. Here’s the tutorial

FooTable is a jQuery Plugin that makes HTML tables on smaller devices look amazing without damaging the functionality and design. This plugin hides certain data columns at different resolutions and Rows becomes expandable to show hidden data.

What I like about the use of footable is the ease of use and settings. Also, the footable plugin can also be used without using bootstrap. Currently, the most stable version of the footable plugin is version 3.1.6 which can be directly downloaded on the GitHub page (not on the official site, as it has not been updated)

Upgrade Responsive Bootstrap Table Using Footable Plugin Min

A short tutorial on how to use the footable plugin

1. Download the footable plugin via the GitHub link

2. Add the footable.css and footable.js script like the following template

3. Add the data-breakpoints attribute in the header table like the following example

4. Run the following script after the table appears properly

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If refresh the table body, run the above script to reinitialize the table.

So a brief tutorial how to improve the standard bootstrap table performance using a footable plugin

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  1. in angulular cli I can not make it work, if I’m in the same module and surcharge works but if I go to another page and return does not load, I have to reload the page for some solution to work?

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