Typed.js The Javascript Library For Automatic Text Writing Effects

Another amazing javascript library that has the writing effect automatically named typed.js. Typed.js is a library by Matt the owner of the https://mattboldt.com/ site that used to enhance the appearance of HTML pages. Although it functions as a complement, typed.js is used by some famous sites to make their front-end pages cool. See the following example.

See the Pen Typed js basic by Budhiluhoer (@Budhiluhoer) on CodePen.0

Very cool. You can use it as the header of the main page of your site.

The very easy on use, you only need to add the first, second and third sentences. Set the writing speed, set the speed to move the sentence then publish it.

Some famous sites that use the typed.js library are

The Famous Site Using Typed Js For Header Frontpage Min

How about you? Hurry up before this library becomes premium. Read documentation and download it here.

So my short tutorial about typed.js, the automatic writing effect plugin for javascript

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