Tutorial create wordpress theme for beginners

This article will be an continued article, as to explain how to create a wordpress theme in a single post would be a very long time. We will try to build a simple theme from scratch, specifically for beginners, (for who already expert just give me comments / feedback LOL :)).

Tutorial create wordpress theme for beginners

Actually, how to build a wordpress theme is not too difficult if you really learn and try to make a wordpress theme itself. Supplies you need to make a wordpress theme is :

– intention
– Understand the HTML language
– Understand CSS
– Few understand PHP
– Knowing some default code wordpress
– Understand the full HTML structure

With the provision above, I hope you’ve been able to create your own wordpress theme. To be honest I also only know a bit of PHP, but if we frequently write the language,we will understand and memorize the structure and the PHP code. The conclusion to build a wordpress theme is not too difficult.

 There are many methods used to make a wordpress theme 

1. Make wordpress themes from Zero.
I will share this method, we will learn to try it together

2. Make wordpress themes with starter themes / blank themes
WordPress themes are usually themes starter who can work well, it’s just very minimal HTML and CSS, so these themes only produce ‘content’ alone. Our job as a developer later is wrap this content with such wrapper div and so on plus add a design with CSS. Starkers and underscores are a good example of the starter themes.

3. Creating themes wordpress themes with frameworks
Making use themes themes frameworks is efficient and effective, but the cost to make these themes is quite expensive for a good framework.

Before we start making wordpress theme, I will explain wordpress themes file structure. Because you must understand this matter, before moving to create a script themes.

There are two important files that must be owned by a themes, namely

– style.css
– index.php

With these two files, we can create wordPress themes. But, to show fantastic results, we need some other files to support our themes.

 Create WordPress Theme Additional files 

These are files that can be used together with the functions:

– Index.php: used to display the front page of the blog
– Header.php: Used to display the header of the blog
– Sidebar.php: used to display the sidebar of a blog
– Footer.php: used to display the footer of the blog
– Single.php: used to display the article.
– Page.php: used to display the page.
– Search.php: used to display the search results.
– Archive.php: used to display the blog archives (archives date, month, etc.).
– Functions.php: used to set the functions that apply in the blog.
– 404.php: used to display the error page 404

Okay, so here tutorial opening for creating of wordpress theme. Next tutorial, i will show more detail how to create index, single,header,sidebar file in our own theme.

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