Tutorial Angular 4 Table And Pagination Using Angular2-datatable For Beginner

Showing the data set in the table in angular 4 is quite easy. Several free plugins can be used to display data in tables like angular2-datatable that will discuss in this article.

angular2-datatable is a table of components that have been equipped with pagination and sorting data features. Also, this plugin has support with the bootstrap framework so that it can be applied to the mobile display.

Okay, we start the following tutorial, if you have not used bootstrap in your application, please read the How To Integrate Angular 4 + Bootstrap 3 For Beginners article. But this app is still running without using bootstrap

Tutorial Angular 4 Datatables And Pagination Min

Table And Pagination Using Angular2-datatable in Angular 4

install angular2-datatable from npm

Note: in this tutorial use angular-cli to simplify the development of angular applications 4

edit app.module.ts and import the following code

then add the following script to the imports section

Open the app.component.ts file and add the following script

open the app.component.html file and add the following script

Please execute the script above, if running properly the system will work like the following picture.

Angular2 Datatables Tutorial Angular 4

Above is a simple example, if you want to understand the angular2-datatable plugin can visit the official website via GitHub page

So my brief tutorial about angular 4 table and pagination for beginner may be useful

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  2. Do you have any beginner tutorial to integrate datatable to angular 4?

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