Tutorial Angular 4 How To Use Toast Notifications With Jaspero

Easily create message notifications on angular 4 using the jaspero library. Notifications are essential components of both web and desktop applications. From the various free notification plugins I choose on Jaspero’s NG Notifications. Besides easy to use this plugin also has a nice look. Follow the following tutorial

The tutorial on the use of NG Notifications angular 4 has been documented on the jaspero official website but beginners like me a little trouble for the first time using this notification. For that, I will share with you who have difficulty using this toast notifications.

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Okay we started the notification tutorial on angular 4

How to use ng notifications jaspero in angular 4 for beginner

Tutorial Angular 4 How To Use Toast Notifications With Jaspero Min

Install ng notifications jaspero via npm

Add the following script to app.module.ts

Add the following script to app.component.html (you can place it on top level component or child component, my suggestion is better put on top level component)

To use this notification on the component, please import the module and service on the component.

Add the following script to the component construct.

Use the following script to run a notification.

For the use of other methods such as error, alert, warn, info, etc. you can read directly through the official website

If the script goes well will be like the following picture

Tutorial Angular 4 How To Use Toast Notifications With Jaspero Example

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So my short tutorial about angular tutorial 4 toast ng notifications jaspero hopefully, useful

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  1. What to write in create notification button, I can’t implement it. Can you please share the complete template?

    • in your html

      in your component

  2. thx, i got a question, when i display the toast it does not fade away. even i can’t close it on clicking it.

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