Transfer Your Hobby To $1,000 Passive Income Every Month

Getting extra and passive income is not hard if you do it seriously. Who said we should go to the office to earn money ?. Even at home, you can make $1,000 more or even $3,000 per month by channeling your hobby. Capitalize on your laptop and internet you can turn your hobby into a source of passive money indefinitely. Check out how we do it.

The development of the internet is getting better. Humans have been preoccupied with the gadgets that exist in each pocket. In the era of Android and IOS, within seconds we get the most accurate information and updated. This euphoria is not only enjoyed by certain circles, from 7 to 70 years old enjoy this technology. Even among low-income people also can buy a gadget at cheap rates. Such as mobile phones made in China are very plentiful and cheap.

Transfer Your Hobby To $1000 Passive Income Every Month

Best Ways To Earn Passive Income From Home

How to earn a passive income from home is to share your hobby through a blog. Maybe you think “Ooooh … this way has been discussed by thousands of websites and still difficult to make money“. Yeah right, making blogs and making money has indeed done thousands of people. Have you ever listened to the income reports from and blog ? of course me and you think how to create passive income like them? We must not be like them !! God created us uniquely, there is no equal to each other.

Short example if you are good at golf, you can create your own passive money by sharing information about golf in your blog. You can sell golf tools and accessories through affiliate programs like amazon and eBay.

If you are a housewife, you can write a blog how to take care of children, how you raise your child, how you manage your home. And many more ideas and hobbies that you can pour through the blog.

Like me as an example, I am just a programmer with a salary that I think is low in a company. But with this blog, I got $800/month as a passive income that I earn. Why very little? I was busy that made it impossible to manage this blog well. Imagine if in a month only publish 5 new articles, but I was making $800/month if it’s less ? What if I focus more ??

If I’m interested in making a blog, then the money comes from where?“, Okay, I will explain it !!

How to Make money website?

The only way how to make passive income online is by placing ads from third parties on your website. What I recommend here is Google Adsense. Why do I choose Google Adsense as a producer of passive money? Surely you know Google is the king of search engines and advertising in the virtual world. Maybe you can look at the top, middle and bottom of my article. There are ads served by Google. Each click makes a lot of money for me.

Google ads is a long-term online income for you. In addition to Google Adsense, you can make money from selling goods on Amazon and eBay. By joining affiliate Amazon, you can market the products of the big company. Never give up and think “OMG the competition is very much, hard to sell it“. Many paths to success, I will share the tips later how to manage Amazon affiliate site.

Okay I am interested in creating a blog, what should I do to start creating websites and blogs?“. Okay if you already have the interest to get your passive income, I give the tips and tricks briefly. So that you are not disappointed or surprised what the challenges are you will face if all the preparations you have made. I summarize the problem of creating a money site blog before you shocked:

  • Became the first rank on the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). Remember, our rivals are not 1 or 2 people but millions of bloggers. We have to compete with them, including me. Some SEO tips that can help you check out here.
  • Rejected by Google Adsense. Once again, Google is the king of the internet world. If you can not give confidence in Google by providing unique content and interesting blogs do not expect to be accepted by Google Adsense.
  • Few visitors to the blog. Seeing the number of visitors that only 10/day often makes us frustrated. Content is king; compelling content will always be visited. Here some tips how to increase visitors traffic

Early preparation to build money site blog

Building a blog also requires the right techniques so that everything you will do will not be in vain. To start a new site, here are the steps you need to do:

1. Determining niche

Passive Income With Specific Niche

The decision maker in determining a niche website is very important. The first step to being careful in making a niche decision. Do not let your site niche disliked by Google Adsense (Read: if your blog is eligible for Google Adsense). Avoid illegal blog niches like porn, drugs, and gambling.

Check out the hobbies you enjoy and master. I think you should be yourself to take a niche decision of a website. If a blogger has been successful with niche hairstyle, not necessarily you are also successful with the niche. The niche should be your expert so that also you better understand what you will write, and you are also happy when adding an article. Remember choose a micro-niche or particular niche

2. Determining the keywords to be targeted

In addition to the niche, keywords play an important role in determining your position on the SERP. Do not use keywords that have been used by many people. For example, if you have a hobby and good at making pizza. You can use keywords like “cook pizza.” Write down every keyword you shoot into your content and add keyword LSI to improve your website SEO. Choosing the right keywords will be the source of passive income for your money site. To determine and choose the right keywords can use the tool. Tools can be either paid or free. As a beginner, I suggest you use google keyword planner to find keywords that have low competition and unique.

Read: how to use Google keyword planner to have a low competition and unique keyword

3. Create a website with WordPress

You do not need to learn programming to create a blog site. There are two platforms that I think are very powerful, i.e., and CMS WordPress. I suggest you use WordPress because in addition to free also supported by many powerful plugins. But if you use CMS WordPress at least you have to spend first money of $20 to buy a domain and hosting. Expensive? Certainly not. $10 to buy hosting for one year is as expensive as the purchase of a donut that you will run out in one meal. The next $10/year to buy .com domain is as expensive as the purchase of coffee at Starbucks that will run out in one drink.

I highly recommend you to buy hosting and domain packages on site for beginners. Standard hosting package for $9/year and domain price .com for $10.69/year. The most important thing for choosing hosting and domain services is its live support service. Good live support services determine your success in building a website. I will prove if Namecheap  is really very nice to use. Read: [Share] My Experience Domain Transfer From The Old Registrar To Namecheap Hosting.

I have made several articles that are closely related to how to create a website with WordPress:

4. How to write a good content.

How To Write A Good Article To Boost Your Passive Income Earning

A blog or website is said to be the best passive income business because you do not need 8 hours in front of a computer or laptop just to create an article. Spend 1 hour to create interesting and unique articles. Making the article also has a technique to be liked by google search engine. This technique we call it ON PAGE SEO technique . Add keywords that we have aimed at every article you create. Do not forget to add LSI Keyword.

Remember, Visitors are your source of income. Do not create articles that make visitors bored and leave your website before reading your article to the end. Do not impose unsuitable keywords so that your article will not be readable.

The point is does not make junk articles!

Generating passive income with Google AdSense.

After all the above steps you finish. The next step is to register your blog on google Adsense. Pay attention !! Do not be in a hurry to register Adsense. Make sure you have met the following conditions before signing up for AdSense:

  • Privacy policy page.
  • Page ‘about’.
  • Contact page.
  • Minimum posting amount> 30 articles and at least 500 words.
  • Blog design by choosing the best theme for WordPress.
  • Content type.
  • Offers value and benefits

And make sure until your blog has been indexed properly by google search engine

How to boost your website traffic

If your website is interesting and can survive on the first page of google I make sure the traffic will come and flood your website. But there are other legal ways to bring your website traffic. You can share your site through social media network like facebook, twitter, Instagram, google plus. You can create a fan page for your website. In addition, if you have more money, you can advertise your website through FB ads and AdWords. Use advertising media that gives positive value to your websites like AdWords and facebook ads.

So my article how to get $ 1,000 passive income through the hobby. If you like this website, please subscribe to get the tutorial to generate more online passive income. Happy blogging 🙂

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