Tips Make Money Online With Google Adsense For Beginner

Make money online with Google Adsense requires some particular strategies. As a beginner, some basic foundations must be confirmed so that Your Adsense income increases. In my opinion, the concept of making money from a blog is to channeling the hobby by mixing fresh business ideas to be implemented on a site.

Google Adsense is still a top choice for many bloggers to make money online. The main reason, from many advertising alternatives on the internet, Adsense is the only company that dares to pay dearly for a click on the banner ads they provide. Also, AdSense also protects the advertisers from all kinds of fraud that harms the advertiser. In other words, Adsense is not a scam.

Almost all the top class bloggers use AdSense as a medium for making money online. Thus, the high level of competition makes the beginner bloggers fall. I will share tips to increase Adsense revenue for beginners that must be applied all the time.

The biggest obstacle of a blogger is you need high organic traffic to make money online from Google Adsense. Although only get hundreds of traffic per day, if your blog is qualified, it is not impossible to get $ 1,000 /month from passive income.

Here are tips and strategies that must be understood by a novice blogger to “increase Adsense revenue” from blogging

Tips Make Money Online With Google Adsense For Beginner

Tips How To Make Money Online With Google For Beginner

The following tips I summarize from various sources trusted and my experience as a blogger.

Blog unique and qualified.

Content is king,” Why? Many novice bloggers only focus on increasing traffic without managing their content. Using instant ways to increase blog traffic is very ineffective and can not last for a long time. Read my tips: How To Increase Traffic to Website With Search Query Optimization

Google has workers from around the world who are in charge of checking all of your website content. If you only focus on backlinks and comment spam to increase your site rank, while You doesn’t have a qualified content will result in your AdSense revenue is not optimal.

That cheating way will only hinder your goal to earn money online from google

The characteristics of a website with quality content

  1. The site discusses a specific niche. Read: how to determine a niche site.
  2. The website had articles about a specific niche in large quantities and written consistently.
  3. Visitors like to visit your site.

The benefits of content-rich websites:

  1. Got a high rank and favored by Google.
  2. Increase the average visit time, and decrease the bounce rate.
  3. Get free backlinks from visitors who quote your blog and share voluntarily with other users.

So obviously, as the beginning of the make money online with Google AdSense is to create quality content and consistently in large quantities. That is the first foundation that must be understood by beginners.

Design and ease of navigation is an absolute requirement

The selection of themes and good design will support a qualified content. If you have quality content but the selection of less fit themes will make visitors uncomfortable to be on your site

The ease of navigation makes it easy for visitors to explore all of your blog content. Remember in google fred era. Quality related content determines your rank on Google. I once discussed how to avoid Google fred update.

Choose a user-friendly, responsive and clean theme. Prioritize easy navigation. Just throw away unnecessary blog elements. I once wrote an article Create WordPress Theme with Bootstrap And Underscores Step by Step, you can learn from it.

Mandatory use responsive theme

I have discussed a lot about the smartphone era. Almost every person in the world has been using both Android and IOS Smartphone. If smartphone users visit your site via a mobile phone and find the site a mess, then your site will be ignored by visitors. The side effect is, you do not get results from Adsense and will increase your bounce rate.

Adsense has provided responsive ad units, which will adjust the size based on the user’s screen size. If not, then you miss a great opportunity to increase Adsense revenue.

Use the entire ad format

Google Adsense offers several different ad formats:

  • Banner
  • Video / flash
  • text
  • link
  • Search box
  • Match content

Enabling all ad units with all of the existing formats, delivering greater results than using just one ad unit.

How to determine ad position

Incorrect ad position will reduce readership and break the Google rules. If you want to determine the position of ads in the middle of the content either automatically or manually can use my plugin.
– How to insert ad in the article automatically
– How to insert ad in the article with shortcode

Learn from the large site and do an experiment

You can visit great sites and see how they locate and define ad units. Then do an experiment to specify ad units, ad styles, colors, backgrounds, and so on.

The six foundations above are mandatory to practice as a beginner. If you can do well then make money online with Adsense is not impossible. You can practice from my another article: Key To Success With Adsense – Tips and Strategy.

So my article about Tips make money online with Google AdSense for Beginner, may be useful

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