The Way I Increase Website Traffic On My New Blog from 0 Up To ± 500, each blogger has its own way to increase website traffic. But from that method actually has the same goal, namely the optimization of On-Page and Off-Page SEO. On this occasion, I will share how I increase my new blog visitor from 0 to ± 500. I am not overly pompous wanted the traffic to be more than 10K UV/day, because this is a new blog, the most important thing is quality traffic.

The Way I Increase Traffic On My New Blog From 0 Up To 500

No doubt we’ll be so lazy and sad if there is no progression in our blog traffic. The tricks that I will share, especially for beginners, so we are getting excited about making money through the internet world. I will explain my way within the next 3 weeks to blow up my blog traffic.

Here’s how I increase website traffic significantly. This tutorial I divided into 3 steps

Step 1: Domain Name Selection

I bought a fresh domain instead of an aged domain, so the domain is really clean from backlinks. I choose a domain name that contains elements of KOD (Keyword on Domain), in my opinion, KOD still affects the level of interest for visitors. Even some blog I managed to get some nice traffic from google search engine.

It should be noted, do not use a domain name with full KOD, add a few words at the beginning or end of the domain name. For example, suppose you are going to create a blog with a niche “farming“, you can choose a domain with such If the split will be poultry farming tips XYZ. Why use an additional XYZ, seems to me to be unique and not impressed spoofing keyword in google’s eyes.

After choosing a domain name, please check the history of the domain on the site or Make sure your domain clean as shown below

Check Domain Name History

Check History Fresh Domain Name

Step 2 How I Increase Website Traffic is How To Research Keywords

Find the theme that meets SEO on page score and internal structure. Make sure you choose the responsive theme. Then I started researching my target keywords on google keyword planner. Search for keywords with low competition. Read my article How To Optimize SEO For WordPress Site For Beginner.

  1. Visit on
  2. Type your targeted keyword
  3. Filter your keyword with low competition.Important note:
    1. Please go “Keyword Filter” and grab a low competitive keyword only.Google Keyword Planning Setting Low Competitors
    2. After that please download keyword as CSV.
      Download All Keyword From Google Keyword Planner
  4. Open the keywords in excel, and grab your keyword with AVG Monthly Searches 100 -1K. Why I choose AVG Monthly Searches 100 – 1K? because the new blog is very difficult to be able to compete in a high number of searches.Increase Traffic On My New Blog
  5. Sort keywords alphabetically, select 10 keywords that will be your targeted keyword and adjust with your niche. Create 50 articles and giving each internal link in the post 1 with another post and other posts provide internal links to Homepage.

Step 3: Off-Page Optimization by choosing the right backlinks

  • Focus Optimization blog to social media site
    Share the homepage URL to the social media such as G+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Do naturally if do not want to be considered as spam.
  • Backlink building: wait for visitor share your link from your good article (don’t buy a backlink if you need to avoid from google fred algorithm)

If you have done all of the above techniques, now update your blog content with original and unique articles periodically and do optimization the post page and the homepage. Please note, quality and unique content are a liability because we can’t play around with the google search engine.

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Disclaimer : I can not guarantee my way will work on your website, but I use this way goes well. Discover your own SEO techniques 🙂

These article about The Way I Increase Website Traffic On My New Blog from 0 Up To ± 500, hope useful.

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