The Best JQuery Plugin For Searchable ( Select/Dropdown )

There are several nice select options plugin that can be used in your website application. Using default HTML often does not match our expectations in implementing the project we are working on. User convenience in using the app is an important component in developing web-based applications. When large data is displayed, we need to make it possible for the user to search for the data they want within the select element. jQuery has many plugins that allow us to make select elements into searchable elements.

Some searchable jquery plugins that you can try.


Best Jquery Plugin Select2 Dropdown Menu Min

Select2 is the most used jquery plugin. Select2 has many features like:

  • Single select element.
  • Multi-select element.
  • Sortable/filterable search field.
  • Load data from the remote source.
  • Tagging support

Select2 support in all browsers like IE 8+, Chrome 8+, Firefox 10+, Safari 3+, and Opera 10.6+. Select2 has also been integrated into several web frameworks such as Django, Meteor, Ruby on Rails, Wicket, and Yii 2.

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Chosen Jquery Plugin Best Select Plugin For Searchable Min

The Chosen plugin changes style selections by adding search features, multiple element selections, and highlighting. Chosen provides support for desktop browsers to Internet Explorer 8.


Selectize.js Jquery Plugin For Searchable And Tagging Menu Html Min

Selectize has an elegant look, besides selectize has other useful additional features like tagging, remote data binding, and dynamic dropdown.

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Thus the jquery select plugin can be an option for you, happy coding. 🙂

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