The Advantages And Weaknesses Of Using Linux For Office Agencies

Each operating system has advantages and Weaknesses. I will discuss the use of Linux in the office environment. What are the Advantages and Weaknesses of Linux before you start migrating to Linux?

Migration from the Windows operating system to Linux is a challenge for the company. Because these two systems work in different ways, although both have the same goal to make users comfortable. Before switching to Linux, you need to know in advance whether Linux operating system suitable in your office environment or not?

Advantages And Weaknesses Of Using Linux For Office Agencies

If you are working in a design company and need adobe photoshop as a necessary tool to create a design, of course, linux may not be suitable for you. But this is different when you are a network worker, Linux works very well in this regard. These things we must understand. I will discuss the weaknesses of using Linux first

The Weaknesses Of Using Linux For Office Agencies

  1. The number of Windows programs in your office
    If your office application uses Windows software, then the application doesn’t run properly on Linux. For example, the use of MSSQL as database management, Adobe Photoshop application to image manipulation, Corel Draw to design. There areĀ applications such as Adobe and Corel on Linux, but I think they are not that great.
  2. Adaptation of application usage on Linux
    Linux operating system with Windows is different. So you need to adjust to your new habitat. For example: when you close your application, in Windows the position of the Save button on the left will be different from Linux which is the save button position on the right. See the following picture.
    Button Position Windows And Linux
  3. How to Install the application
    To install the application on Linux is usually through the terminal (something like command prompt in windows). Not all applications on Linux can be installed by double click as we do on windows.
  4. Linux requires high electrical resources/energy.
    This based on my experience, some computers that have been installed with Linux can not run the printer and scanner tool properly. The solution is I buy an additional adapter so that the scanner and printer work well.

The Advantages Of Using Linux For Office Agencies

  1. Free
    Linux distributed for free. This situation is profitable for the company. If your office environment has 100 PCs, how much do you cost to buy a Windows certificate?
  2. Safe from viruses
    The virus does not work on linux operating system even though the possibility is exists. The wannacry attack didn’t touch Linux operating system. Unlike Windows, virus attacks on a computer infect all computers in one network. You need to spend more money to buy a premium antivirus.
  3. Linux Doesn’t require a lot of driver software.
    Like windows, when we re-format the windows system then needs software drivers to integrate PC peripherals with Windows operating system. For example, we need a VGA driver for the resolution of the computer to work properly. Unlike Linux, usually, all the library drivers for PC have been provided.
  4. Ease of file sharing.
    Using samba share you can take full control of file sharing operations.

While some of the advantages of Linux for offices as above. So I think the use of Linux office is very possible. If interested in migrating to Linux. Please read my article “Which Linux distro is the most suitable for offices?“.

So my brief tutorial about the advantages and disadvantages of Linux operating system for offices.

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