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Tutorial CRUD Client and API Server Using JQuery And Lumen Part 1

Tutorial Crud Jquery And Lumen For Beginners

Next is a tutorial on how to create a database CRUD application using jquery and laravel framework. I have made many CRUD tutorials on the Seegatesite.com site, the difference is, in this tutorial the client will directly access the server API directly through JQuery. Follow the following tutorial Some tools used to make this application. […]

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How To Make Web Push Notifications in PHP, JQuery , AJAX And Mysql

How To Make Web Push Notifications In PHP, JQuery , AJAX And Mysql

Web Push Notifications not only useful for displaying the latest blog post to increase your website traffic, but you can apply them to information systems / web base CRUD applications. Since the smartphone era, browsers such as Chrome and Firefox has started massive changes against the product to make it more user-friendly and responsive. Firefox […]

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