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Problem Solve Tooltip AdminLTE Bootstrap Framework Conflict With Jquery UI

Problem Solve Tooltip Adminlte Bootstrap Framework Conflict With Jquery Ui

For those using the AdminLTE bootstrap framework having problems at the tooltip that can not perform perfectly. According to several forums, the problem arises because of the conflict between bootstrap framework with jquery UI. Actually, the issue has been resolved by some forum by adding a few lines of code in javascript. Here’s how to […]

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How to Easily Transfers a Bootstrap Menu in WordPress Theme Part 2

Responsive Navbar Menu Bootstrap Transfer To Wordpress Menu

Starting from visitor’s comment that asked about the wp_bootstrap_navwalker.php does not support with the latest jquery version, I will share new tutorial how to create a bootstrap menu on WordPress theme without navwalker library. For the last article please read how to create WordPress theme with bootstrap and underscores step by step. Okay, let’s begin […]

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How to Resolve Multiple Modal Dialog Scrollbar in Bootstrap V.3.3.5

How To Resolve Multiple Modal Dialog Scrollbar In Bootstrap V.3.3.5

Programming tutorial – seegatesite will share about how to resolve multiple modal dialog scrollbar in bootstrap v.3.3.5. Using multiple modal dialog in bootstrap V3.3.5 different with old version bootstrap V3.0.0. The multiple modal dialog problem in bootstrap V3.3.5 exist when we launched the first modal dialog, the scrollbar in the right working well but after […]

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