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Looking for the fastest WordPress theme may not be on the top of every blogger’s to-do list, and that is a shame. Even when you’re reading this, you probably still have a big question mark planted in your head – being oblivious to the reasoning behind this. All you can think about is that a theme is nothing more than, well, a theme. It does absolutely nothing other than giving the blog a more streamlined and organized look. A theme means nothing, it’s our content that matters – or, so we thought.

While it’s true that, on the surface, a theme largely contributes to the appearance of our blogs, its importance is truthfully not only restricted to the visual representation of your blog. Simply because a good theme has something more than meets the eye. Keep reading to learn more and trust me, before you know it; you will pay more attention to your blog’s theme and ask the same question: “what is the fastest WordPress theme?”

What is the importance of a good WordPress theme?

We all love free stuff, and with that being said, one of the most common things for a blogger to do is select one of the free themes that is readily available. Bloggers try a whole lot of different, and it seems as if they are changing clothes, we try a few and choose one that we like the most – repeating the process after a period. Some people are into a newspaper-like theme, others like the simplistic one-column design; some people are drawn to themes that allow them to display a countless widgets, others are more concerned about the functionality aspect of the theme and opt for the fastest WordPress theme available. So which group should we, as bloggers, belong to?

The quick answer is the last one. All bloggers must be concerned about a theme’s functionality, more so when you plan to monetize your WordPress-powered blog. As the most popular strategy when it comes to online monetization, Google AdSense gives you a full-control over the types of advertisements to show on your web-blog and where they are placed. Not only that, AdSense is also incredibly easy to deal with, just by inserting your code blocks, you can have them sort out. Google does the heavy lifting, and you start earning money. Impressive, isn’t it? As impressive as it is, a few considerations must be taken seriously to ensure there’s nothing amiss in the process – by ensuring the functionality of your blog, and that is including the theme. After all, how would you earn money when your theme is poorly designed, and the advertisements fail to appear? Or maybe, it’s a far cry from fastest WordPress theme, and due to its incompatibility, your blog takes longer to load.

Why pay for a theme when we can get one for free?

The glaring distinction between the free themes and the premium fastest WordPress theme ones is the fact that the latter is more well-thought out and well-designed. Quality comes with a price after all, right? A theme may seem trivial until you encounter a problem, and this is what many bloggers fail to realize. They think doing AdSense optimization is enough; while it’s true that AdSense optimization may improve the click-through rate, your efforts may not be fruitful with a poorly designed theme. Not only does it affect your monetization efforts, but it also messes up with the poor performance of your blog. Yes, this is the primary reason why we all must consider switching to the. If there is one pet peeve in the blogging world, it must be a slow loading page. A website that takes longer to load greatly affects a visitor’s experience, when not quickly taken care of, you may see a sudden dip in visitors, and before you know it, you earn nothing from AdSense. The solution to counteract this issue is, without a doubt, by choosing the fastest WordPress theme for Adsense.

However, that solution may seem easier said than done because how would one know which one is the best WordPress theme? Also, when we must pay for something, we always would like to get the reassurance that the hard-earned money we spent on it would not go to waste. If you are one of those people, don’t worry, because here we are going to let you know the most fastest WordPress theme.

Superfast – The fastest wordpress theme as one of the greatest solutions!

Poor blog performance, lagging speed, AdBlock and a myriad of other things may impact your monetization efforts negatively. Installing one of the fastest WordPress theme 2017 may just be the solution you need, but are all fast WordPress themes available on the market created equal? How do we know which theme truly delivers its claims as to ensure that the price we must pay will turn out as a great investment?

With free themes, we can give all themes a try and choose one we like then get another one when we don’t like the look of it after a few minutes of being installed – we cannot do that with premium themes. Luckily you don’t have to do that as Superfast theme has made it to the fastest WordPress theme ever list! The High-CTR AdSense theme was created with AdSense optimization in mind. At $20 for the personal license. Superfast theme does not only optimize every single script etched on the blog, but also greatly improves the speed of your website.

Superfast High Ctr Adsense And Fastest WordPress Theme

Not only that, but this fastest WordPress theme is also equipped with an Anti-AdBlock feature, that way you can make sure those who have activated an AdBlock will turn it off before they can gain access to your incredible contents posted on your block.

Are you a business owner running an online shop? The Superfast theme is, without a doubt, the best option for you for another good reason: the fact that it supports Woocommerce plugin and is fully-SEO optimized. If you are serious about your business and monetizing your personal blog, purchase Superfast because no other theme can compare to this fastest WordPress theme.

Live Demo Superfast The Fastest WordPress Theme

Some features on superfast theme

You can read a superfast wordpress theme summary that will surprise you

Feel the speed

Created specifically to increase the speed of your website and optimize every use of its script. By default, this theme only uses one jquery plugin.

High CTR ads place

More than 9 ad spots, ranging from floating ad left, right, bottom, the ad in the middle of a paragraph that can maximize clicks on your ads.

All ads can be disabled, so you do not have to worry about the policies of the ad provider.

Simple Anti Adblock

A publisher earns money from advertising, if visitors install Adblock, of course, this is very detrimental for some publishers.

Do not worry about it, there is also simple anti-AdBlock, if there are visitors who use AdBlock, it will show overlay notification to disable AdBlock, and the visitor can not see the site before disabling it.

Woocommerce Ready

The theme already supports woocommerce. Not just blogs, but you can create a powerful online store with the help of plugins from woo commerce.

Fully Search Engine Optimized

Ever heard of I do not think there are too many themes that support The superfast theme already supports it.

In addition, this theme has been using a good SEO structure for the placement of h1, h2 and h3 it.

Fast Loading

As the name implies, this theme is fast loading. Access speed is very important for your website quickly indexed. Also, the speed of the website is also very liked by search engines and of course your visitors.

Breadcrumbs Rich Snippet

There are also rich snippets that make search engines more love your website. With breadcrumb rich snippet, then there is the navigation when visitors find your website on search engines.

Social Share

There is social sharing that has been equipped with open graph. Social share is light without javascript.

Open Graph Integrated

Integrated with open graph meta data and Twitter card metadata. So make sure your share works well in social media like facebook, twitter and google plus.

Unlimited Color

From header to footer all the colors you can change. For example, you can change the black header and replace the white menu or vice versa, all you can do through customizer.

Fastest WordPress Theme

Did you know, that website speed is one of the factors in SEO. Even some researchers revealed that visitors prefer to be on the website with fast access.

One of the Google algorithms is site speed. Site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to other web requests such as a Google bot to index your article.

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