[SOLVED] EPSON L3110 Imagescan Ubuntu Can’t Save The Image Or Lost After Being Saved

Have you ever experienced a failure to scan images on Epson using Imagescan software? The picture lost after being saved. I experienced it a while ago that my Imagescan could not run properly on Ubuntu 16.04. After surfing the internet, I finally found a solution to fix Imagescan that could not save the scan results. Check out the following short tutorial

Installing a printer scanner on Ubuntu is different from Windows, especially Epson printers! If you have used sane to install the scanner is the right solution. But often using Sane is also unsuccessful for scanning images. Several steps must be taken so that everything goes well.

Installing Epson L3110 Ubuntu 16.04 (32-bit) / (64-bit) Printers and Scanners

Installing the Epson L3110 Printer Driver

Epson L3110 Ubuntu Driver Min

My Epson l3110 printer connected to Ubuntu version 16.04 (64-bit). For the Epson L3110 driver installation I got it on the site http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/search/01/search/searchModule

Epson L3110 Printer And Scanner Driver For Linux Ubuntu Min

Download the driver according to the Linux version you have

Epson L3110 Printer Driver Ubuntu Deb File Min

Caution: If you are using the 32-bit version of Ubuntu, make sure you install “lsb” first using the following command

Install the printer as usual. The next step is to install a scanner.

Installing Epson L3110 Scanner

Download the scanner driver as shown above.

Download Epson L3110 Scanner Driver Ubuntu Min

Select Package Download Page. Then choose the version you have.

How To Install Epson Scanner For Ubuntu Min

Until this stage, you have successfully installed the Epson L3110 printer and scanner on Ubuntu. Next is to improve the Epson Imagescan application that cannot save the scanned document/image lost after being rescued.

Repairing the Ubuntu Imagescan Application

Imagescan No Device Found How To Repair It Min

I found this solution on the Linux forum; the problem comes from Differences in locale settings. You must run an Imagescan application with English settings. Run the command below in the console/terminal so that Imagescan runs normally

If the Epson Imagescan application fails to save the scanned document, run it with English settings.

Create a shortcut to run the image scan application with English settings.

Create a shell script with the name ImageScanWork.sh in the /usr/local/bin folder with the following command

and fill in the following code

Create an executable script with the following command

Create a shortcut on the desktop

If you use Lubuntu, please use the following command on the terminal to create a shortcutCreate an executable script with the following command.

then fill in the “command” with the code

For Ubuntu use the following command

Then fill in the following script

Reference: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=217894

Thus, my brief tutorial on how to solve the Epson Imagescan fails to save the image after a scanned document.

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