Simple Tutorial Get Geolocation IP With PHP

To get Geo location (country, city, isp, etc.) based on website visitor IP in PHP application can use API from In this article, I will share how to get geolocation information from site visitors using PHP.

IP-API is a free GEO LOCATION IP service with multiple response formats. In addition to free, its use is also quite easy to apply. However, free facilities have some limitations. IP-API server will automatically be banned IP Addresses if making more than 150 requests per minute. If you need more data from IP-API, you can buy a pro service.

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Tutorial get GEOLOCATION IP Information with PHP

Make a function to get Ip visitors

Create a function to call the geolocation API from

Test both functions above using the following code

If successful you will get results like the following picture

Simple Tutorial Get Geolocation IP With PHP

Note: The above script does not work on the localhost server.


To obtain information geolocation is very easy using API from You can subscribe for €45 (3 months) for unlimited use of API

So my short tutorial on Simple Tutorial Get Geolocation IP With PHP, hopefully, useful

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