Simple create date format validation with jqueryUI

Using jquery ui help us in creating various kinds of html elements, which is useful for the development of web design. I’ll create a date format validation using jquery and jquery ui. So, you can use my class to create the date format in your web application.

create date format validation with jqueryui

To be able to use jquery, please download this plugin in jquery official website here. Besides jquery, we also need a plugin jqueryUI for the manufacture of elements in the input text html date, download here

Okay, lets begin the script

1. Create javascript file as myfunc.js in your web folder and then copy this script below

2. Lets try to use that script, please create new php or html page

To create your text element into date format element, you can call class “dateinput”, in my example, my date format is dd/mm/YYYY

My date format validation script with jquery ui is still far from perfect, please modification itself to fit your needs

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