[Share My Old Stuff] Tutorial Create XML Sitemap Generator From Lists Of Keywords

I want to share my old stuff tool to create a sitemap XML file. Maybe there are some people who need these tools to improve their website index. Let’s follow the following tutorial

Of course, you already know what it is XML sitemap.

A sitemap is a list of pages and posts a website that can be accessed by visitors of the website/blog. Although not significantly affect the visitors, but the sitemap is extremely influential in our efforts to optimize our SEO blog. XML Sitemap in a blog will tell the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. to index the list in search engines.

How To Create Xml Sitemap Generator From Lists Of Keyword With Php

If you have a website that is in the build without a CMS such as WordPress, of course, have to create your own plugin that will generate a sitemap XML file. And for a handful of people is very useful tool to add a new index to the search engine. Straight to the point follow these steps.

Tutorial how to create XML sitemap generator from a collection of keywords

1. Create a project folder with the name “sitemap”

2. Create an index.php file and copy the following code:

3. Create file.php file and copy the following code:

Please run this application via localhost: http://localhost/sitemap/

Please see the following snippet of how these tool work

If already formed XML file, please upload on your hosting and register the sitemap.XML file on google and bing webmaster. To change or add a sitemap parameters, please visit the sitemap official website to add a standard sitemap protocol

Thus tutorial create a sitemap generator XML file using PHP, may be useful

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