[Share] My Experience Domain Transfer From The Old Registrar To Namecheap Hosting

Not long ago I did a domain transfer from the old registrar to Namecheap hosting. I would like to share some experiences domain transfer from the old registrar to Namecheap hosting. My judgment against Namecheap is very satisfied. Differences domain and hosting location makes me hassle to manage it. My choice to move the domains and hosting into one management falls on Namecheap.com because of a live chat support is very friendly and good service (24 hours nonstop). Just 2 days the domain transfer process has been completed. Check out reviews of transfer domain  mechanism from my old registrar to Namecheap.com.

Domain transfer process from the old registrar to Namecheap.com

Transfer Domain Name Migrate Domains To Namecheap Tips

1. Before doing a domain transfer transactions, make sure you have prepared the following conditions.

  • The domain must have been registered or transferred at least 60 days ago.
  • The domain is not in the locked status for the transfer process. If locked, please contact your old registrar support ticket to unlock it.
  • Domain not being protected by whois guard. If using the whois guard services please contact your old registrar support ticket to open it.
  • The domain must show a valid and accessible Admin email address in Whois, as the Transfer Approval email will be sent there.
  • Make sure you get the EPP code from your old domain registrar. (Code EPP stands for Extensible Provisioning Protocol. Which means that a security code to transfer the domain name. Without this code you can not transfer the domain to another registrar.)

How To Get Domain Epp Code To Transfer Domain

2. If all the above conditions you have prepared, the next step is to perform a domain transfer transaction. Please visit Namecheap domain transfer page.
Transfer Domain Transaction In Namecheap
Order Note Transfer Domain Namecheap
3. You will get an email confirmation request transfer domain to Namecheap as shown below:
Transfer Domain Request Confirmation Tutorial Transfer Domain To Namecheap4. After you approve the domain transfer request to Namecheap, you will get a confirmation email from the old registrar i.e. the domain transfer confirmation email to the new registrar.
Email Confirmation Transfer Domain From Old Registar To Namecheap HostingImmediately headed to the confirmation page and select agree to perform the domain transfer process.

5. Finally, the domain transfer process is completed in 2 days and you will get a confirmation email as shown below.
Transfer Domain From Old Registrar To Namecheap Hosting Complete In 2 Days

A little advice in order to finish quickly the domain transfer process.

Do not hesitate to contact both sides live chat support to accelerate the domain transfer process. Make sure your communication with the two sides registrar goes well


My successes can not be separated from the help of Namecheap live chat support. I sure do not hesitate to move your domain to Namecheap. Hopefully, my experience to Namecheap domain transfer can help you.

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