Seegate bootstrap , Free E-commerce Bootstrap Theme Part 2

I will continue my tutorial how to create simple free e-commerce bootstrap theme. If my previous article about creating the main page of site with title “Seegate-bootstrap , Free E-commerce Bootstrap Theme Part 1“. This second article I will create the product page. Product page contains the details of the product you offer.

In Google’s mobile friendly era, we have to really change the concept of our website templates who formerly desktops, provide support to mobile devices. Why are mobile friendly? Recent technological developments are increasingly rapidly that make human easier to access information. In order to obtain maximum results and appropriate for the user, Google changed the indexing concept that oriented with mobile user, where the website`s theme must support with mobile devices. So that our site is loved by google, we need a framework that allows us to control our websites become more responsive. For that I chose popular framework like Bootstrap.

To continue the creating free e-commerce bootstrap theme i called seegate-bootstrap from my previous article, I will build a product page at this time, which will display information such as the price items, the price list, description of products, review items and some additional information on the items to be sold.

My Free E-commerce Bootstrap Theme product page has several Features such as

– Display beautiful thumbnails with lightbox from by ashleydw ( Lightbox for Bootstrap 3 by ashleydw )
– Rating star using jquery from bootstrap-rating – v1.1.0 – (c) 2015 dreyescat

Display seegate bootstrap product pages as follows

Product - free e-commerce bootstrap theme Seegate-bootstrap Demo theme

This theme is not completed perfect. I will update this theme periodic. Click button below to see free e-commerce bootstrap theme demo site

live demo seegate-bootstrap - e-commerce bootstrap theme

If you need to check if my theme is loved by google and support algorithm google mobile friendly, check from this link


Download file seegate-bootstrap – Free E-Commerce Bootstrap theme part 2

Thank you for read and download my theme and article about seegate-bootstrap, free e-commerce bootstrap theme.

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