Script to Check Alexa Rank on Flippa

Continuing my previous article ” Alexa Rank Checker Script with PHP “, In this article will combine the script, to check alexa rank from Flippa domain list.

Script to Check Alexa Rank on Flippa

For those who like to hunt domain on Flippa website, this script is useful to make it easier check alexa rank. The basic logic used to check the domain list on Flippa is scrap list domain and then check Alexa rank massively.

Here we go,

Download simple_html_dom parser to grab element from website, click here to download simple html dom.

1. Create script to scrap domain list from flippa, create php file as flippa-checker.php

1. Go to, and check the domain you’re looking for

how to check alexa rank on flippa

2. Please customized the domain options you’re looking for

Check domain alexa rank on flippa

3. Copy flippa url from browser and paste into your scriptgrab flippa list domain

4. Click enter.

You will get a list of domain Flippa, Add the following script to check alexa rank on Flippa list domain.

Change syntax


Done!, the tools will be display like below

tools for check alexa rank from flippa domain list

You can combine that alexa rank script with pagerank script  🙂

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