Script auto tweet with Imacros and Tweetdeck for Beginner

Many auto tweet software which sold at expensive prices. Why? because twitter is social media which is very important role in marketing of the product. Because it is too expensive, so the auto tweet software can only be possessed by certain people. For those who dont have the software , doesnt need to be upset. I will share a simple script to make auto tweet software with iMacros and TweetDeck.

 That must be prepared to start this Script auto tweet is 

Let’s get started :

  • I think, all netters must already have and use mozilla firefox browser.
  • Download Imacros addon for mozilla.
  • Data prepare

Many ways to collect data, I usually use mysql query from phpadmin to collect data. I get the title and url from my site with this query syntax

Explanation :

In where clause , I use length <= 138 because tweet length only allows 140 char. Please to experiment yourself, you might get better results than me 🙂 . Then export the result into csv. ( If you copy your result at txt  and change the  Encoding into UTF-8 ).

Script auto tweet with imacros

Yes.. we get the data first !! :). Copy your data into local drive c:\ if you use windows OS. 

  •  Prepare the Imacross script auto tweet 

Copy this auto tweet script at your imacros

You can change wait seconds as you like. In my example, i set wait seconds with 3600 (1 hour)

  •  Open url , login with your twitter account. Close or remove all unused dock and reserving the NEW TWEET DOCK.

unused dock


  • Set your max loop and clik play (loop) . Wait and see with your coffee and snack 🙂 .

Now, you build your own Script auto tweet with Imacros and Tweetdeck , Next time i will show you how to create auto pin pinterest with imacros for market your amazon product 🙂 so always visit my site or bookmark this site 😉 .

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  1. thank’s for sharing

  2. hallo mas sigit, mau tanya, kalau script select all Twitter accounts di Tweetdeck. makasih

    • Halo mas zulfan,

      maaf saya belum pernah mencoba,link berikut semoga bisa membantu anda,





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