Increase Traffic with the Right Yoast Settings

SEO with the right settings, will be greatly affect your site’s ranking on search engines, specifically on the google search engine. WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most complete SEO solution that is available for WordPress.

But if you are failed in setting up the seo plugin, it will be otherwise, your site will disappear from the search engines.

 Exactly why use WordPress SEO By Yoast plugin ? 

We believe that it is the most beneficial and many complete SEO plugin available for cost-free, nevertheless significantly less simple while AIO SEO, nevertheless it comprises of selected critical SEO adventures which might be the effects of the vast connection with Joost de Valk – An elite WordPress developer which produced this plugin.

This article will assist you to optimizing your WordPress sites with the most popular aspects of in SEO. Right now our goal is to settings Yoast plugin and to understand the meaning of each step.

 Installation and Setup WordPress seo by yoast v1.6 


installation yoast plugin

After install Yoast on WordPress, Yoast plugin will detect Permalink WP has changed or not. If not, just click the Fix it button or go to menu Settings >> Permalinks then change to the Post name.

yoast guide 2014 - change permalinks

Then, go to the Yoast Menu.

1. Setting Yoast Titles & Metas ( SEO >> Titles & Metas )

yoast settings guide titles and metas

Force rewrite titles : to edit <title> tag in header.php. This option must be checked to avoid cause the double titles.
Noindex subpages of archives : Prevent Google to index the pages as page 2, page 3, etc.
Meta keywords : It is no longer applicable since 2009 Please read the following link for an explanation
Noodp and noydir : Do not let Google kidnap site description from DMOZ or Yahoo Dir because it would cause the duplicate content.
RSD Hide Links : WP already has an XML-RPC. Do not need 3rd party service.
WLV Manifest Links : Unless you are using Windows Live Writer.
Hide Shortlink for Post : No need shortlink for each post.
Hide RSS Links : Avoid comment spam bots.

2. Setting Yoast Titles & Metas ( SEO >> Titles & Metas >> Home Tab )

yoast settings guide titles and metas - home

Title Templates : Title homepage. Max 70 characters. Do not use keywords stuffing.
Meta Description Templates : Description homepage. Max 156 characters. Do not use keywords stuffing.

3. Setting Yoast Titles & Metas ( SEO >> Titles & Metas >> Post Types)

yoast settings guide titles and metas - post type

yoast settings guide titles and metas - post type - media

Meta Robots : Please tick if you want Google to index your site.
Date in Snippet Preview : Date must be masked, so that your content looks update.
WordPress SEO Meta Box : Box Yoast WP post editor below. Specifically checked for content that is not important as the media, a simple url, portfolio, and filters.

4. Setting Yoast Titles & Metas ( SEO >> Titles & Metas >> Taxonomies)

yoast settings guide titles and metas - taxonomies

There are 2 options:
1. Everything is unchecked because we dont want duplicate content in the search results.
2. Another Alternative : Categories indexed but given a unique description.

4. Setting Yoast Titles & Metas ( SEO >> Titles & Metas >> Other)

yoast settings guide titles and metas - other 1

yoast settings guide titles and metas - other2

Author Archives : Please disable if there is only one user of WP, which is your own.
Date Archives : Let the page such as / 10/2014 / is not indexed in Google.

5. Setting Yoast Social

yoast settings guide social - facebook

yoast settings guide social - google plus

yoast settings guide social - twitter

6. Setting Yoast XML Sitemaps

yoast settings guide xml-sitemap

Sitemap : Very important.
Users sitemap : No need to be included in the Sitemap.
Ping Yahoo & : Let the new content get ping by yahoo and search engine.
Exclude Taxonomies : don
t need to be included in the sitemap as Tags, Formats, Filters, Portfolio, Sliders.

7. Setting Yoast XML Permalinks

yoast settings guide permalinks

Strip the category base from the category URL, There are 2 options :
1 If you are using the / category / from the beginning or before Yoast installed, if checked would change the url category that already exists and if not immediately redirect to the new url will cause the 404 Not Found. So, use a 301 redirect, eg redirect to
2 If you are not an issue with the permalinks, ignore point number 1 and does not need to be checked.

Enforce a trailing slash on all category and tag URLs : Deleting a post that ends in html If do not have, so do not need to be checked.
Remove stop words from slugs : Removing stop words such as you, to, the, a, an, and, etc. If not removed, the url looks too long and not keyword rich.
Redirect attachment URL’s to parent post URLs : Redirect visitors who access the image towards the post the relevant.
Remove the? Replytcom : Removing url like Let not duplicate content.
Redirect ugly URL’s to clean permalinks : Yoast already said if this option is not recommended. So, do not be checked. For example, there are webmasters that link wrong url to our site, this option will redirect to the correct url.
Transport Force (canonical settings) : Nothing to do force transport use.

8. Setting Yoast XML Internal Links

yoast settings guide internal links

internal Links : Breadcrumbs is very important for web navigation that is user friendly.
RSS : Do not need be changed.
Import & Export : To import / migrate settings from another plugin like All in One SEO, Meta Robots etc to setting Yoast.
Bulk Editor : For checking whether there Title & Description that needs to be addressed.
Edit Files : To edit robots and htaccess. Do not be bothered unless you are familiar and know what you’re doing!


This kind of plugin need to be inside your best list of necessary plugins with regard to WordPress, the writer really is aware the things and also In my opinion it’s going to be very difficult to help best this particular regarding SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION with regard to WordPress. You will find there’s lot of settings which are also done in your case beneath engine which conform to Google’s recommendations, try to find enhancements whenever they come to be available and also constantly bring up to date to that latest version. The most up-to-date version has experienced a lot of backend rule marketing, to ensure the plugin can fill faster when compared with prior, and is particularly collection to help fill just the particular capabilities it takes per articles displayed.

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WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin is must have plugin to increase your traffic

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