PHP Tutorial How To Use Google API To Access Google Plus Service

Tutorial on how to use Google API PHP. Google provides a variety of useful APIs for web developers and desktop applications to take advantage of the features of their product. Google itself has provided a PHP library that can be used to access its API. For its use, please follow the following tutorial.

API can simply interpret as the program code which is the interface or liaison between the application or the web that we created with the service provided by the server. Similar to Google API, we can use the service from Google to access its products, such as accessing profile on Google plus, adding a post on Blogger using Post API, access Youtube movie and much more. Google API can be studied directly through the Google Developer site.

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Not long ago I was learning Google’s API to retrieve profile data from Google Plus. So, when we login to the web application, our profile data on Google Plus can be taken. So, this way can be an alternative if the user wants to register and does not need to fill in the input form to store user data. With just one button for access to its Google API, we get the user’s data. Let’s just start our tutorial

How To Use Google API With PHP

# Create Google+ API Project And OAuth Client Id Credential

  1. Create a project on google API. Use the UrlHow To Create Google Api Project
  2. After creating project, Please go to the library page. Enable Google+ API service
    Go To Library Menu In The Google Api Project
    Go To Library Menu In The Google Api Project
    Choose Google+ Api Library
    Choose Google+ Api Library

    Enable Google+ Api Library
    Enable Google+ Api Library
  3. Create an OAuth Client ID Credential

    Create Oauth Client Id Credential For Google Api
    Create Oauth Client Id Credential For Google Api
  4. Read more video tutorial how to build google + API OAuth client id credential below

# Create Simple App to use google API with Google PHP API CLient Library

  1. To download Google API PHP Client, please use composer. For more information, please visit Github repo.
  2. Create a folder with the name “gplus,” then type the following composer.

  3. Create an “index.php” file and copy the following script

  4. Save and run your application via the following link


If your application is correct, then the system will run like the following video


1. For Google PHP client library to work properly, please use the composer to get it
2. Initial configuration of the use of Google API

3. Use the OAuth 2.0 Scopes for Google APIs link to get the google library authentication URL

4. Using the library to access google service is quite easy. For example to use google plus service, just use the following way

All Google Service Library

Then all the functions needed to access google plus service can be found in the “Resource” folder. For example to get people profile

How To Use Google Api With Php Library To Access Service

All reference API google plus you can access at

The second example

If you want to access the Google API for Blogger using PHP

Then all the functions needed to access the blogger API you can see in the “Resource” folder.

Php Tutorial Google Service Api For Blogger Using Php

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Thus my article about PHP Tutorial How To Use Google API To Access Google Plus Service hope useful


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