How to Resolve Multiple Modal Dialog Scrollbar in Bootstrap V.3.3.5

How To Resolve Multiple Modal Dialog Scrollbar In Bootstrap V.3.3.5

Programming tutorial – seegatesite will share about how to resolve multiple modal dialog scrollbar in bootstrap v.3.3.5. Using multiple modal dialog in bootstrap V3.3.5 different with old version bootstrap V3.0.0. The multiple modal dialog problem in bootstrap V3.3.5 exist when we launched the first modal dialog, the scrollbar in the right working well but after […]

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A Quick Way to Secure Your WordPress From Hotlinking Images

A Quick Way to Secure Your Wordpress Images From Hotlinking - Wp Picshield Display

Programming Tutorials – seegatesite will share quick way to secure your wordpress from hotlinking images tutorial. Hotlinking images have a bad effect on your site, because of hotlinking images can increase server load, using your server bandwidth and many losses . Before getting to know more plugins that can help us to prevent hotlinking images […]

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How to Show Picture Gallery Automatically in WordPress Post

How to Show Picture Gallery Automatically in Wordpress Post

Programming Tutorials – Creating an picture gallery is basic creating the wordpress wallpaper’s theme. Seegatesite article will share how to display the picture gallery automatically in wordpress posts. If you want to create a blog wallpapers and you need to display your images in a professional manner like the gallery look? Most people start looking […]

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