Overhang.js A Simple And Cool Dropdown Notification Bar Messages

If you bored with javascript standard notification, you can try overhang.js. A lightweight notification plugin and does not interfere with the appearance of your website or application. What does the overhang.js is it?

Overhang.js will display a notification bar that dropdown from the top of the screen. This plugin works using CSS and jquery animation. Also, the overhang.js display does not interfere with the performance of your application.

Overhang Js Lightweight Dropdown Notification Bar

With the motto “A Jquery plugin to display sleek, instant notifications, confirmations or prompts inside a given element.” overhang.js can be customized according to the desire of app’s developer. In addition to displaying the notification bar, this plugin can perform prompt alerts, Confirmation Alert and also execute the callback function()

You can customize the message as adding a duration of time appears, adding close buttons, change the color of the notification message bar.

Overhang.js Demo Prompt Alert

Notification bar can display a success message, warning, error as the default option. Alert messages can be added the Yes/No button to ask the website visitors. This plugin run on all browsers that support Jquery

The use of overhang.js quite easily like the following example:

This plugin was developed by Paul Krishnamurthy. A software developer who lives in Canada, please visit the official website https://paulkr.com/. To download the overhang.js plugin, you can visit the official website at http://paulkr.github.io/overhang.js/

Thus my article about Overhang.js A Simple And Cool Dropdown Notification Bar Messages, hope useful

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