My Way To Get Very Low Competition Keywords List From Semrush

Get very low competition keywords list requires patience and precision. With the helper from semrush, it’s easy to search for keywords with these criteria. The problem is how to find low competition keywords list? Consider the following tutorial

What is the Low Competition Keywords List?

Low Competition Keywords is a keyword with a very low level of competition. Usually, this keyword is also a long tail keyword type. Using keywords with low-level competition, you don’t need to build backlinks and excessive SEO on page implementation. In addition, you will also get keywords with a relatively high CPC value. Read : Tips Make Money Online With Google Adsense For Beginner

To search low competition keywords list goes well, we need a semrush account. Surely you already know what is semrush. A tool used to research competitor keywords.

If you already get a semrush account, please follow the following tutorial

Simple step how to get very low competition keywords list with semrush

  1. Open your semrush account.
  2. Input the niche or keyword that you are targeting. We recommend using keywords with one word to get a lot of phrase match keywords. In my example i use keyword “kitchen”.
    How To Find Low Competition Keywords List From Kitchen Niche
    View Phrase Match Keywords In Kitchen Keyword
  3. Enter the following filter as a formula to search for low competition keyword list, then click apply.
    Formula To Get Very Low Competition Keywords List From Kitchen Niche
  4. Sort keywords based on the lowest KD. Export all keywords to excel file.
  5. Please go to (Tips to prevent Google redirect to your country domain name). And check the keyword competition using “allintitle: your keyword.”
    Encrypted Google To Check Keyword Competition Form Google Us
  6. Make sure the results search are few. The smaller the results search is the easier to get traffic, and get the first-page ranking in Google search engine.
  7. Open your Moz bar plugin to check your competitors and export to excel file.
    Using Mozbar Plugin To Get Low Competitions Level From Competitor
  8. Open the excel file and notice the following picture:
    Excel File To Analysis Your Low Level Competition Of The Keywords List

    • Check your PA and DA competitors. From the picture seen seven competitors have DA under 20. Very profitable to compete.
    • Check each keyword in the description, URL, and title. Each competitor has the keyword “soup kitchens in dc” in each URL, title, and description.

In my opinion, using the keyword “soup kitchens in dc,” you can compete in the first 10 of google search. Take those keywords and create an article. Optimize blog using ON PAGE and OFF PAGE SEO to be ranked one.

Do it repeatedly on other keywords to get low-competition keywords.

Done, you have managed to get a list of keywords with low competition. In addition, check out the advantages of using LCK (Low Competition Keywords):

The Advantages Using Low Competition Keywords List

  • More stable web traffic. My experience, the use of LCK is not so affected by Google dance. Read my other article How to increase traffic site
  • Easier website optimization. Low level of competition is easier to optimize the content or site in getting ranked.
  • Has the same target segment. Both HCK and LCK, have the same target market. LCK is a derived keyword from HCK. It does not matter if the visitors volume to the LCK smaller. The important is you get the traffic for your website with the desired target.

Hopefully with the above tips, can increase your passive income. Maybe you are interested to read my other article Transfer Your Hobby To $ 1,000 Passive Income Every Month.

So my article about my way to find very low competition keywords list using semrush.

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