Key To Success With Adsense – Tips and Strategy

You must understand passive income with Adsense also requires a strategy. Many factors affect our income from Adsense. I want to share my experience about aspects that need to be considered, and the most dominant that determine our success in making money with AdSense program in the long term.

High Profit = High traffic + High CPC + Placement and ads design.

Of course, the three factors above must be met. If you can maximize these three factors I make sure your Adsense income must be extraordinary.

The formula above is standard, as long as you can combine all three factors above, $1,000/month is very easy to achieve. Read: transfer your hobby to $ 1,000 passive income.

How To Success With Adsense Tips and Strategy

Key To Success With Adsense – Tips And Strategy

High traffic

High traffic is a critical factor in the success of the AdSense program. If you have chosen the right niche and relevant ads in each article, then the opportunity to get clicks from visitors will be even greater. So we have to focus on increasing website traffic. Read: how I increase website traffic.

High-value ads

In fact, the ads displayed by AdSense have different values per click. If your targeted keyword is relevant to a high-value ad, it’s lucky for your life. My experience has been getting ad clicks for $14 for one click. If you get five clicks a day, it makes us rich.

Some high-value ads that I know are insurance and lawyer niche. So determining a niche is a factor that should not be underestimated.

Placement and ad design

One of the advantages of Adsense is that we can freely place, select size, change the look or color theme of the ads that appear on the blog. As in real-world advertising, the placement and design of ad display are the keys to the success of these ads.

The combination of ad placement and ad size will determine the size of your CTR value. Here are some tips you can do for placement of your ad units

  • Create an ad unit design to blend with the article. Equate background on the ad box with your blog background color. If placing an ad in a post, don’t use a border. If placed outside/sidebar may use the border to attract attention. I once created a WordPress plugin to place ads within articles. Read : How to Create a WordPress Plugin for Placing Ads Code On the Post.
  • The best ad units are 336 × 280, 300 × 250 and 728 × 90. For ads with the 728×90 size, I place it in the blog header at the right position. But adjust to your WordPress theme. Recently some websites often use ads with a custom size. Usually, the ad length is adjusted to the width of the article box and set the height to 400px.
  • In addition, there are also using ads with size 300×600 and placed on the sidebar widget. With the help of Q2W3 Fixed Widget ads will be always in sight when page is scrolled down or up

The link color I suggest is blue. But it would be better to equate the link ads with link color on your CSS.

Note: for an ad in the post, put the margin between the ad box and the articles, so that do not violate Google AdSense policy. Usually use 25px for margin.

These three factors above is the key to successful running AdSense program. If you succeed, passive income will increase multiply.

for the above three factors can work well then all you have to do is to apply proper SEO techniques, enrich the blog content and promote it appropriately. Also, how to write compelling blog content you should pay attention.

So my article about the key to success with Adsense, May be useful.

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