iziMODAL – The Most Beautiful And Cool Modal Dialog Form JQuery Plugin

iziMODAL Plugin is an alternative jQuery modal dialog that is flexible, responsive, easy to use and very cool. If you are accustomed to using modal dialog belonging to bootstrap and bored with the look of the standard bootstrap should try this modal dialog plugin. When I met this modal dialog, the first impression I had was “OMG it’s so amazing”. Let’s see the following review

Izimodal Jquery Plugin

iziMODAL is a very lightweight jquery plugin that I’ve come across.  In addition, izimodal.js include an external library from CDNJS. iziModal is present in multiple views, we can select the appropriate type of capital that we need. Even you can make elegant notification box and has a nice animation. In addition, iziModal provides a callback function if the user close the modal dialog or click on specific element

Alert Example Izimodal

Some DEMO examples can be found on the iziModal official site. All elements are supported by CSS3 and Jquery so iziModal has a design that is elegant and impressive animations. In addition, documentation iziModal complete enough to be learned.

According to the official website, the iziModal function() has more than 40 diverse options that you can customize to your needs. We can create a custom event that we can trigger when open / close the modal dialog.

Custom Modal Dialog Izimodal

If you are a programmer once web designer. This plugin required use to enhance the look of your website. Additionally, this plugin is open source / free for download

To get this plugin, please download via the official website or you can download it from GITHUB or NPM.

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