Introduction Android Studio for Beginners

Seegatesite will share the Introduction Android Studio for Beginners. As a fellow beginner android programmer, is a good idea that I share what the android studio is? Android Studio is an IDE for Google Android Development that introduced at the I/O 2013. What is the difference between Android Studio with Eclipse? The Android Studio uses “Gradle” to manage the project. Gradle is a Build Automation Tool, to learn more, please visit the following link, this is what distinguishes gradle of Ant or Maven that use XML.

In this article I will discuss how to create a new android application project and introduction Android studio layout.

Creating New Simple Project in Android Studio

1. Please Download Android studio first

To download the latest version of android studio, I suggest downloading the following link.

Introduction Android Studio For Begginer

In my article , I installed the Android Studio on the Ubuntu operating system. If you need a tutorial on how to install android studio on ubuntu , please watch the video below that I found on youtube.

2. How to Create New Android App Project

This is the initial view Android Studio after loaded.

Android Studio Layout For Begginer

Click start a new Android Studio Project to create a new android project, then naming and package applications as shown below.

Create New Project Android Application Introduction Android Studio For Beginner

In the determination of the build targets, if in the Eclipse the users specify a target while in android studio build only determine the minimum SDK.

Select Minimum SDK New Project Android Application Introduction Android Studio For Beginner

Customize Activity New Project Introduction Android Studio For Beginner

Also in the Android Studio, applications can be packaged in the form of Android TV, wear and glass.

At the time of selecting Add an activity to mobile, select a blank activity. After that the optional choose for your new file, click Finish

Customize Activity New Project Introduction Android Studio For Beginner

3. Initial View

This is the initial display after setting the previous project properties. This android app will display Hello World.

First Project Layout Introduction Android Studio For Beginner

Introduction of Android Studio Layout

1. Layout

Just like eclipse, android layout is divided into two, namely the design and text, by default at the time it opened in android studio xml layout using design mode, but you can change to text mode, so it looks source code of its XML text.

Android Studio already has a Live Preview, so we don’t need to commute to the design mode just to see the results of its XML code.

2. Folder Structure

Folder structure on the Android Studio as follows.

Folder Structure Introduction Android Studio For Beginners

– Build folder is such a gen’s folder in eclipse, it files the results generated from the IDE, so it does not need to be changed the contents of the folder.

– Libs/ Folder same as in eclipse. If you use the library in .jar form then place it in a libs’s folder.

– Src/ Folder . src is the folder where stored the Java source and layout in XML, the default android studio will generate two folders namely, androidtest and play. Androidtest Folder is a special folder UnitTest, if you don’t understand it, focus only on the main folder, because the source and resource located in that folder.

3. Gradle

What’s new in Android Studio is gradle, featured a build automation. More can be seen at the following website Gradle file contains libraries used, the version of the application, signed key properties, etc. repository location. Files that will often be changed is build.gradle file located in the folder app/.

Gradle Android Studio

Thus article is about Introduction to Android Studio for beginners , hope useful 🙂

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