How To Upload Instagram Photos Via PC

Instagram does not provide facilities for Upload Instagram Photos Via PC. But we can outsmart it with a little trick from the Chrome / Firefox browser. I do not know these tips are useful or not for you, but you can try them. Please refer to the following tutorial

Instagram app is a photo-sharing app that lets users take images, apply digital filters, and share them with various social networking services, including Instagram’s own. Currently, Instagram is the most popular social media among young people.

Although devoted to mobile phone/smartphone both Android and IOS, Instagram can also be accessed via PC browser. But there are some shortcomings if you access it directly through the PC Desktop that there is no facility to upload photos. To be able to upload image via PC, please follow the following trick.

How Upload instagram Photos Via PC Browser Chrome

  1. Open your chrome browser
  2. Go to Instagram official site
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Push F12 or right click and choose “Inspect” and then click toggle device toolbarUpload Instagram Photos Via Desktop
    Upload Photos Instagram Via Pc
  5. Click Camera Icon and upload your favorite photos
    Upload Photos Instagram Via Pc Desktop

Thus my simple article about upload instagram photos from PC Desktop. Hope useful.

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