How To Quickly Remove Whatsapp Photos Are Stacked

Whatsapp is the most popular chat service in 2017. Though WhatsApp has hundreds of millions of users, WhatsApp has excellent features that I think is quite inconvenient, ie, every picture that a friend/group sends via the WhatsApp service will automatically be saved in storage (if the image download option is turned on). If only 1 or 2 pictures would not bother us, but what if we have hundreds of friends and groups who share thousands of images in 1 day?

There is an app that is enough to help us to solve the problem how to save smartphone memory from the WhatsApp image that accumulates. The application is called Siftr Magic Cleaner which you can download from the play store service. Siftr Magic Cleaner has been download over 100,000 users.

The Magic Cleaner Siftr app will perform an analysis to sort through the images on WhatsApp to remove or not. Remarkably, Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp application can classify each image whether the image is classified as cartoons, MEME, or screenshots. Okay, let’s start using Whatsapp Magic Cleaner application.

How to delete photos in bulk on WhatsApp quickly

Install a current app called Siftr Magic Cleaner. If already installed on your Android, open the application Magic Cleaner. You will be greeted by an old grandfather who will assist in sifting through the photos in the WhatsApp app. Press the grandfather’s image to start the analysis.

Screenshot 2017 11 13 14 34 52 Min

The analysis will begin and sorting process depends on the number of photos stored on your smartphone.
Screenshot 2017 11 13 14 19 32 Min

If you have selected any photos you want to delete, then you just have to press the trash icon in the bottom right corner.

Screenshot 2017 11 13 14 34 24 Min

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So my short tutorial about saving WhatsApp memory from group or friend share image, hope useful

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