How To Optimize SEO For WordPress Site For Beginners

Programming Tutorials – seegatesite will share an article about how to optimize seo for wordpress site for Begginer. In the internet world, implementation of SEO on the website are constantly changing. But there are some basic that have been applied by experts to optimize SEO on the website which I discuss in this article, especially to cms wordpress users.

The need to optimize SEO on your site

SEO is search engine optimization, that means we need to stand on the page one on search engines machine to increase the visitors . For optimize SEO and certainly the maximum it will be very influential with the business that we run through from internet world, people will never know our business if our site have never be visited. So we have to optimize our site in order to will show on the search engines , so the people , will naturally visit our site.

How To Optimize SEO For WordPress Site For Begginer

How to optimize SEO for WordPress for begginer

1. Content is king, create your content more interesting, clear and easy to understand, people will come to our website to seek answers from questions on search engines, so if your content interesting and as expected the visitors then the visitor will be happy and our site can be a reference to the other visitors. And don’t forget to always update content daily.

2. Optimize Content with Keyword, useless as well if we create great content but not readable, and therefore you need to focus on the keywords that you choose to optimize your content, your article will easily indexed on search engines.

3. Responsive Design, build your site more attractive and responsive, so that visitors don’t get bored and enjoyed reading your article, your site layout with an interesting display, with a font that is readable. For responsiveness is very important, because of nowadays a lot of visitors browsing using smartphones, so build your site automatically adapts to the device of each visitor so that visitors feel comfortable accessing your site.

4. Optimize SEO on image, If your site uses images to enhance the content, then don’t forget to optimize SEO on such images. The way that i use to optimize seo in image is

– Naming the image contains keywords that we choose.
– ALT and TITLE attributes to the IMG contain keywords that we have set

5. Create an xml sitemaps on your site and submit to the google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools, so your url will be listed on the search engines machine.

6. Create SEO Friendly permalink.

programming tutorial - setting permalink to optimize seo on your site

7. Optimize content by Title H1 and H2-H3 for the subtitle, because of Google search engine is very pleased. but not too much, it will not be comfortable to read

9. Use Social Share Networking on the site and your content, so that the site can be easily to be shared on a variety of social media to promote and distribute articles that you create.

10. Use Social Locker to create a viral link, here will help to increase visitors. using as needed will make visitors feel comfortable.

11. Use seo plugin like “WordPress SEO Yoast” in your wordpress site, this plugin proven effective to improving the SEO in wordpress. for the tutorial please read the tutorial to increase traffic with the right yoast settings

Thus article about how to optimize SEO for wordpress site for begginer, hope useful

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