How to Make a Shake Effect Validation Like the WordPress Login Form

Make validation on the login page with a shake effect. If you have a WordPress site, it’s no stranger to a “shake effect” when you fail to log in to the dashboard page. Of course, it’s interesting if we implement the shake effect login form on the application that we are developing. Check out the quick tips for creating a login form vibrate effect.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a login form with a shake animation effect using CSS3 and JQuery. If the user incorrectly entered a username and password combination on the login form provided, it will display a shake form with animation

Make animated Shake effects on CSS

Using CSS3 allows creating animations on HTML elements without using JavaScript or Flash.

What are the CSS3 animations?

Animation allows elements to move from one style to another. You can change the CSS properties to your liking.

The main component of CSS animation is @keyframes, CSS rules where animation is defined. @keyframes are the steps that compile the timeline in the animation. In @keyframes, you can specify the stages with different styles.

CSS Shake Effect

Creating a Login Page

Create a login page that we will validate the shake effect

Make Validation with jQuery

we use JQuery to validate and add shake CSS class to the element form.

Copy the following code:

If successful, display login form shake effect validation as shown below

How To Make A Shake Effect Validation Like The WordPress Login Form

Demo of Login Form Shake Effect Validation

See the Pen How to Make a Shake Effect Validation Like the WordPress Login Form By by sigit prasetya nugroho (@seegatesite) on CodePen.21106

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Making a shake effect/vibrate form validation is quite easy. Using CSS effects makes the application page more attractive and interactive.

So a short tutorial on how to make vibrate/shake effect for form validation that resembles a login page on WordPress

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