How to Install Cool Features Voice Search On WordPress – development of technology to bring convenience to everyone, a lot of development are deliberately created so that all of them can be used in a more practical, as well as smart devices that can perform a search simply by using voice on smartphones such as Google Now, Siri, Cortana. In this mobilegeddon era, applications such as Google Now, Siri and Cortana is very easy for the user to perform a search simply by saying a keyword without the need to type.

And how to add voice search on WordPress? With WordPress you are very likely to add the feature. A voice search plugin  can help you to get the facility of voice search on WordPress easily.

How to install voice search on wordpress site ?

Plugin Voice Search On Wordress

To add a voice search on a WordPress site, you need to install and activate the wordpress plugin called Voice Search . Voice search is a plugin developed by Pascal Birchler . Once the plugin is active, we don’t need to configure the settings of the voice search plugin . You only need to add voice search widget from the menu Appearance » Widgets. Then drag and drop default search bar widget to the sidebar.

If you already have a wordpress default search widget on the sidebar, the plugin will automatically add the microphone icon in the search bar on your WordPress site.

Voice Search On WordPress Sidebar From Default Voice Search

Further to try this plugin please refer to your site and find the microphone icon that has been added in the search box of your WordPress. To use Click the microphone icon it will automatically display the text “Start Talking” and please you pronounce the keywords you want to search on your WordPress site.

How To Use Voice Search On WordPress Site

You need to know today plugin Voice Search only works in Safari and Chrome browsers. For Mozilla Firefox reportedly still will add voice search option in the near future.

Plugin voice search works by using a web-speech API (Application Program Interface), which takes voice input. To use the voice search and activate the plugin in WordPress, you should use the default search of WordPress. The reason is that this plugin will change the default search function and connect a sound input javascript in it. In this case, if you use custom searches such schemes SearchWP or Google Search Custom for your WordPress website, this plugin can’t work.

Thus article about How to Install Cool Features Voice Search On WordPress , hope useful

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