How To Insert Ads In The Middle Post Blogspot Blogger

How to install Google Adsense ads in the middle of Blogger posts. Actually there have been many who discussed the trick. There are visitors to who ask me how to insert ads in the middle of article posts. I have made a similar article, however, it can only be applied to WordPress CMS.

How To Insert Ads In The Middle Post Of Blogger

The benefit of putting up Adsense ads in the middle of a post is increasing Google AdSense revenue with a higher number of click ratios and will attract more readers to see advertisements, because of the more strategic ad position.

How to Install Adsense Ads in the Middle of Posts

To place an ad in the middle of a blogspot article, you only need to replace the specific code in the HTML template and replace it with the following code:

  1. Log in to the blogger account and select the blog to be edited, click the template menu, click the html edit button, then search for and replace the code with the following code
  2. Add the following CSS code so that the ad becomes neat before the code ]]> or
  3. Save the template and see the results

You can install ad code other than Google Adsense by the above method.

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So a short tutorial on how to advertise in the middle of an article on Blogpost Blogger, hopefully useful

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