How To Increase Traffic to Website With Search Query Optimization

Programming Tutorials – seegatesite will share one of the best SEO techniques to increase traffic to website using search query optimization techniques. SEO techniques has no limits, day by day progress SEO to boost SERP in search engines in order to increase of website traffic fast is getting unique and diverse. How to increase traffic to website free, I got from reputable Indonesia’s SEO forum ,

We will learn how to make visitors of our blog to be increased thousands UV / day without using backlinks and other manipulation. We will optimize the search query that successfully controlled our blog. This method is suitable for the blog without supported plugin such as STT, Incoming Search Terms, and other plugins that kind. It is also suitable for the use blogspot. If you are a beginner, read another tutorial How To Optimize SEO For WordPress Site For Begginer

The essence of this SEO technique is that we do research queries from our website using a free tool and make the articles related to the query that has dominated our blog.

If you ask how to increase website traffic through Google ? search query optimization can be the right choice.

Lets start how to increase traffic to website  fast with Search Query Optimization.

Some free tools that will be used are :

– Google webmaster tool
– Google keyword planner

Note: This technique will work well if you already have a number of articles (at least 50 article).

#1. The first step ,we throw the feed first to create 50-100 article on your site. If you already have hundreds of articles on your blog, just skip this step.

#2. Register or login to https: //

Webmaster tool is a free service from Google that is provided to the webmaster. Basically, webmaster tool has many benefits for Blogger, one of them for SEO optimization for faster indexed search engine. Registering to Webmaster tool site is one of the steps to maximize your Blog Performance. At the webmaster tool you can monitor search engine robots interaction with your site.

If a new site , wait a few days until your blog has been indexed by Google’s robot.

I will explain a fairly important part of the information on google webmaster tool to be used as reference data associated with search query dominated by our blog.

1. Please login to google webmaster tools account.
2. Select Search Traffic menu > Search Queries, through the menu you will obtain detailed information about keyword who related to your blog. more or less looks like the image below :

How To Increase Traffic To Website With Search Query Optimization

Please Checked Clicks and Position option. Then change date range , Set Date Range > Custom (Set the last 2 days),  then click the “Filter”.

Here’s an explanation of search queries option on Google webmaster tool :
a. Queries, is a word or group of words used for the search criteria google search engine.
b.Impression, is a number that shows your blog articles found in the search results according to the query that is used.
c. Click, is the amount of your article title is clicked by the user on the search results
d. CTR (Click throught rate), is the percentage of the sum of clicks divided by the number of impressions at times 100%
e. Avg. Position (Average position), is information about the average order of position title of the article you found on the search results page, the smaller the value Avg. position means your article very good position in the search results.

After that will appear A number Search Query information that has contributed Visitor your blog every day. Select Top 50 largest search query, and keyword research to create new articles. Or can be downloaded once to sort all queries

How To increase website traffic free software

#3. Research each query of the Top 50 Query on google webmaster tools with a free tool to search for keywords like

Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free

Then Select Copy all to get all keyword.

How To Increase Traffic To Website With Free Tool

#4. Login to google keyword planner account and copy that all keyword to find new keyword ideas

how do i increase website traffic with search query optimization

How To Increase Traffic To Website With Search Query Optimization 4

How To Increase Traffic To Website With Search Query Optimization 5

After that, download the csv file, and sort the keywords with the most amount Searcher

#5. Increase traffic to website with Creating quality content. Create articles with keyword research results of the query page, don’t forget put the internal link of old articles that provide search query.

Hopefully this tutorial useful for you. Not all SEO techniques can be applied to our website, to increase traffic to website need perseverance and focus.

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