How to Easily Transfers a Bootstrap Menu in WordPress Theme Part 2

Starting from visitor’s comment that asked about the wp_bootstrap_navwalker.php does not support with the latest jquery version, I will share new tutorial how to create a bootstrap menu on WordPress theme without navwalker library. For the last article please read how to create WordPress theme with bootstrap and underscores step by step. Okay, let’s begin the tutorial, hope fixes your problem

NOTE : After a few trials, this method resulted in a dropdown menu can’t work properly 🙁 . I suggest you keep using nav_walker_library pada tutorial Create WordPress Theme with Bootstrap And Underscores Step by Step.

I assume you have read my article about how to create a WordPress theme, if not please use this link. Because I am not going to discuss it in detail for making WordPress theme, but simply an alternative way to make navbar menu bootstrap on WordPress menu without using the wp_bootstrap_navwalker.php library.

Step by step transfers bootstrap menu in WordPress theme

  1. Edit header.php and copy the navbar bootstrap menu code below

  2. Register new menu at function.php and copy the following code below

  3. Open footer.php and copy the following code below

  4. Create new WordPress menu and set theme location at “Primary”. Save the menu!.

    How To Easily Implement A Bootstrap Menu In WordPress Theme Part 2

  5. Please see the results in your browser

    Result Transfer Bootstrap Navbar Menu In WordPress Theme

    Responsive Navbar Menu Bootstrap Transfer To WordPress Menu

For the complete Sourcecode please download at the following links

source code Bootstrap Menu in WordPress Theme

I am so waiting for your suggestions about this article, hopefully can be a new lesson for me. Please comment in the form below.So the tutorial how to easily transfers bootstrap navbar menu to wordpress theme, hope useful

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  1. Thank You, Sigit Prasetya for helping us by showing step by step tutorial with coding. This is very informative and important for the developers.

  2. Hi, your code helped me greatly. However I also stumbled onto a fix for your problem.

    I think you missed out a div.

    Here is the amended code, my navbar has a working dropdown and responsive button which drops down now.

    Let me know if this works, I don;t think I missed anything out.

  3. Hi Sigit Prasetya Nugroho,

    Many thanks for your step by step guidance of coding. It’s really helpful to the developers.

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