How To Create Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails On WordPress

Seegatesite – Widgets with thumbnails are useful to beautify the look of the website. Most of free WordPress theme doesn’t support recent posts widget with thumbnails. Creating a post thumbnail widget is very easy, with a few steps you can already use the recent post with thumbnail on your own.

Recent posts widget used to display a list of the latest post / article. In addition to beautifying the look of WordPress, Widget recent posts used to help the visitor to find the latest article updates. Recent posts widget is usually put on the sidebar.

I think, I don’t need to explain in detail the code how to create a widget in WordPress. It’s been a lot of sources that discuss the basics of creating WordPress widget, you can find here. In outline code to create a WordPress widget like the following :

Source : WordPress.Org

Here how to create simple recent posts widget with  thumbnails WordPress for beginner

1. Add the following code in the function.php in your theme

2. Then add the following CSS on style.css in the theme

Save and you have successfully created a recent post thumbnail widget. Go to the menu and make sure that your widget has been installed in the new widget theme as shown below :

Widget Recent Post Thumbnail WordPress
Recent posts thumbnail in widget menu

Widget Recent Post Thumbnail Option

How To Create Widget Recent Post Thumbnail WordPress
Display recent post thumbnail WordPress

Another alternative for creating recent posts widget with thumbnails, you can create as a plugin that you can find in the article here. So my article about how to create recent posts widget with thumbnails WordPress, hope useful

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