How To Create Custom Class In Laravel 5.5 For Beginners

Creating custom class on Laravel is easy to apply. Often we need additional classes to summarize and facilitate us in building applications.

Laravel is a PHP framework that implements a fairly robust MVC concept and a fairly viscous application of Object Oriented Programming. In addition, Laravel has a fairly neat encoding structure that makes the new custom class on Laravel applications to be fast and easy. Follow this short tutorial

Immediately, we begin to create a custom class laravel that will be used to store data in a database table.

How To Create Custom Class In Laravel 5.5 For Beginners Min

How to Create a Custom Class Laravel 5.5 for beginners

1. Add a new folder inside the app folder on the Laravel project folder that we created. For example, I created a folder named CustomClass

Create Custom Class Laravel Framework

2. Add a new file in the CustomClass folder with the name record_log.php

3. Fill in the following class code in the record_log.php file

A brief description

The above class is used to store user logs in a database every time a user performs an activity on an application system.

Don’t forget to record the namespace

4. To access the class as follows

Done, hopefully, the above tutorial can help you, beginners, to learn Laravel.

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So my short tutorial on how to create a custom class Laravel framework 5.5

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