How To Avoid Google Fred Update With Play Fair SEO

How is your website traffic since the beginning of March 2017? I’m sure you feel strange with traffic that goes up and down in early March 2017. This is because Google has just launched a new algorithm called fred algorithm. Fred algorithm is a system designed by google with its predecessor algorithm combination. In this article, I will share a bit about how to avoid google fred update with play fair SEO.

A lot of website traffic is uprooted because of the fred algorithm so the bloggers wonder what is being targeted by google using the fred algorithm. As one of the world’s largest search engine today, Google would like to satisfy users with search results that are relevant and as expected by the user.

What is google fred algorithm?

Although there is no official certainty from google regarding fred algorithms, but SEO experts believe Google fredย  update is targeted at websites link building. Both internal links and external links. There are two possibilities in this fred algorithm regarding link building.

1. Backlink Spam Building

Be careful if you like to build backlinks with black hat method. What are the criteria of black hat method in building backlink?

  • Use the comment spam tool to paste the active link in targeting site.
  • Using dummy blogs or zombie blogs to build external link.
  • Buy backlinks from link building services including PBN services.

2. Related link

If you install widget related post make sure that article is relevant to your main post topic. This 2nd speculation does not seem to make sense, but who does not believe in SEO experts words.

Indeed there is no definite update of this fred algorithm, we are all still waiting for official information from google.

Luckily, since Fred algorithm rolled out by google, my website has not changed any traffic. You can see the following images:

How To Avoid Google Fred Update With Play Fair SEO

I’m not doing any weird tricks / black hat SEO to improve my website ranking. Some of the basic principles I do to avoid google fred update are:

  1. Create tutorial articles that are useful for visitors. The point is to make articles useful for your visitors, not for search engines.
  2. Improve communication with your visitors through the comments form, so that visitors feel at home on your site.
  3. No need to backlink spamming, if your posts are qualified automatically the visitors will share your articles with other users.
  4. Create original, interesting and unique articles, because “the content is king”.
  5. Do not shoot excessive keywords.
  6. Enrich articles or blog content by adding infographics, videos, and podcasts.

For those affected by fred, the most powerful way to improve traffic due to google Fred algorithm is to do disavow links against backlinks that are not quality (spamming backlinks). This method proved successful.

Thus my article about How to avoid google fred update with play fair SEO, hope useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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