How to Automatically Add Watermark Images In WordPress

Programming Tutorials – Seegatesite will share articles on easily add watermark images automatically using the plugin. Watermark is a sign / symbol that is mounted on the work of someone either in the form of digital masterpiece or masterpiece in other forms. Watermark can be text or a logo image. The watermark installed to indicate the identity of the Creator of the work. Besides as to demonstrate the identity, also serves as a watermark to protect copyright works that are not hijacked by others.

The importance of providing a watermark images.

As we know that content theft will always exist in the virtual world. People don’t just steal text but also images. In the virtual world, Not only theft image and publish it again, but also to use the image without permission even by causing bandwidth and material losses as well. The advantages of using a watermark on the image besides preventing copyright theft as well as a good way to get visitor traffic through the text which we leave behind the image.

Installing watermark on each image to be uploaded manually would be very tiring, because you have to make one by one before the image uploads. But if you use the tools / plugins, will allow us to put a watermark without the need to edit one by one, in particular for wordpress users. Some plugins that I recommend is easy watermark and watermark reload

 Lets begin the tutorial add watermark images to wordpress pictures

Insert watermark images using watermark reloaded plugin

Watermark reloaded is one of the most simple wordpress plugin made by sverde1 that can be used easily to add watermark images in WordPress with the fast way. With Watermark Reload, you can make settings plugins to add watermark in the place you want.

Watermark Reloaded Settings

Please install and activate the plugin, go to the settings menu > watermark reloaded as you can see in the picture below , Watermark reloaded plugins have several configuration options for in accordance with the design and look of your blog.

How to Automatically Add Watermark Images In WordPress with watermark reloaded plugin

In the plugin settings above, you can see some of settings are relatively simple, please check Medium, Small and fullsize order watermark in pairs on the size of the picture, next select the location of the watermark will be placed, in the above example I put a watermark in the middle , In the Text Watermark, you can enter the name of your identity or your domain name, and set the font type, font size, and font color.

Insert watermark images using easy watermark plugin

Easy watermark is a wordpress plugin that is very detail made by szaleq that can be used easily to add a watermark images on WordPress. With easy watermark, you can settings the plugin to add watermark image in a place that you want and can also add a watermark on all images that have been uploaded (the advantages of using easy watermark plugin ).

Easy Watermark Settings

Setting Watermark Images In WordPress with easy watermark plugin 1

Setting Watermark Images In WordPress with easy watermark plugin 2

Setting Watermark Images In WordPress with easy watermark plugin 3

Note :

Before using the plugin above, please test it first on your localhost server, if you’ve found the right settings just post on your online site.

Conclusion :

The free version of Watermark Reloaded plugin can only be put watermark text, to use the image as your logo as a watermark,please buy the pro version. But this is a simple and lightweight plugin.

Watermark plugin that can add a watermark with the image type, you can use the easy watermark plugin , In addition you can also add all the watermark images that have been uploaded.

Thus article about how to automatically add watermark images in wordpress, hope useful 🙂

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