How To Access Fingerprint Data With PHP Without Web Services Using Zkemkeeper.dll

Solutions that PHP can access the fingerprint machine that does not have web services is to use zkemkeeper.dll. When the company I worked buy many fingerprint machine and it turns out that machine does not have web services, we difficult to process the data. And when I contacted the vendor, they mention that the fingerprint machine with series that we bought is not supported by web services. What’s the solution?

If your fingerprint machine, using zkemkeeper.dll as a module to process the data. PHP provides a class to be able to access the DLL file. But the DLL file can only be run on the Windows operating system. While our company system using Ubuntu Linux server. Like it or not we have to install the Windows operating system (my experiment using Windows 7 64bit) on ubuntu server using VirtualBox.

PHP can access the DLL file with the following functions

Okay, here’s the tutorial on how to access the machine fingerprint using PHP and Zkemkeeper.dll

  1. Make sure you have a windows operating system (windows 7 64 bit that I use).
  2. Download the entire DLL file fingerprint (zkemkeeper.dll, etc. ..) here.
  3. Copy the entire file in the folder c:/windows/SysWOW64/.
  4. Open CMD as administrator and run the following script:

    Run Cmd As Administrator

    Register The Zkemkeeper In Syswow64 Folder

    Make sure the DLL file was successfully registered on the system

    Successfully Register Zkemkeeper Dll In Syswow64 Using Regsvr32

  5. On windows, I use XAMPP server (xampp-win32-5.5.35-0-VC11-installer) to run PHP.
  6. Change settings in the php.ini, change the following settings.

  7. Restart your PC.
  8. Create a PHP file and copy the followingcode:

    don’t forget to change your fingerprint IP ADDRESS AND PORT

I do not share how to process data such as taking a log, list the user, taking fingerprint templates, etc .. because the script that we make are used commercially. Bit instructions for accessing functions in zkemkeeper.dll

Run the script above you’ll get a set of functions in zkemkeeper.dll.

Zkemkeeper Function Script

If you use a fingerprint machine brand solution, this method works well on machines with series X100, X103, X105 and zkteco fingerprint machine. Happy coding 🙂

Thus my article on How To Access Fingerprint Data With PHP Without Web Services Using Zkemkeeper.dll may be useful.

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  1. Biometrics Fingerprint Web

    Great post Sigit.

    I would like to request you to explain this for me if you do not mind, why in php.ini you did this

    max_execution_time = 300
    extension = php_com_dotnet.dll

    • 1. max_execution_time = 300
      Because speed internet in my office was not so nice and poor infrastructure, then need more time to execute my script from internet.

      2. extension = php_com_dotnet.dll

      zkemkeeper.dll need dot net framework. php_com_dotnet.dll connecting dot net framework with php.

      CMIIW 🙂

  2. Biometrics Fingerprint Web

    Thank you Sigit. I get it now.

    Would you know how to pass VT_VARIANTs in COM object methods in PHP? Let me share this question in Stack Overflow here http : //

    I would really appreciate if you could show me how to do this. I guess you have come across something like this while handling COM objects and their methods in PHP.

  3. Biometrics Fingerprint Web

    Thank you.

    Maybe I could clarify. I see you have a good grasping of this topic.

    If a COM object method requires an input of a VT_VARIANT[12] in PHP and the data you have is an array of bytes or an array of unsigned int values, how would you pass that array into a COM object method in PHP whose method definition requires a VT_VARIANT[12] ? If you have a good tutorial or book I kindly request you refers it to me. I will be so grateful for your assistance.

  4. Hi Sigit,

    i’m trying to use this zkemkeeper SDK on linux but currently, no luck.
    I know we should use Windows machine and it already work just fine on windows.
    But i need to rut it on a linux machine.
    Maybe if you have a solution for my problem or another way to solve it i would be very thankful.

  5. Hi, I couldn’t find the proper function to retrieve the log data.
    the class is so confusing, lots of similar functions and I tried them on.
    can you please help? 😀

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