How Migrate From HTTP To HTTPS on Cpanel And WordPress Site For Beginner

Installing SSL and HTTPS certificates on CPANEL and WordPress sites is very easy. I recently installed SSL and HTTPS on my WordPress site. With the help of reliable HTTPS and SSL experts from an SEO forum in Indonesia, within half an hour I’ve managed to apply it to site. If you want to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, please follow my tutorial below.

What Are SSL and HTTPS?

When you visit site, the URL address bar has a green padlock icon, and the URL starts with HTTPS. The primary function of SSL is data security. Websites that have been using the HTTPS protocol will encrypt the data transferred between the client and the server.

Google wants the connection between the Chrome browser and your website to be more secure. And since January 2017, Google requires every site to use the HTTPS protocol. If you still use HTTP, then Google will alert the user that your page “is not secure.”

Also, using SSL and HTTPS will improve SEO and website ranking on Google search engines.

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Requirements that must be met before migrating to HTTPS

1. Check if your site hosting service provider already provides HTTPS connection.
2. Check if your current hosting plan is compatible with SSL certificates.

You can purchase SSL certificates directly from your SSL Certificate provider or through a hosting provider that offers SSL. Especially shared hosting users, make sure CPANEL hosting has support with SSL. For example One of the hallmarks of Namecheap hosting is Namecheap shared hosting support with SSL, so we can easily install SSL on a hosting server. Besides Namecheap also offers the lowest SSL price that is positive SSL with the price of $9/year as I use (Although I did not buy SSL certificate on Namecheap, the price is same).

Guide Install SSL certificate and HTTPS in CPANEL

Please login to your cPanel hosting and find the SSL / TLS menu icon located on the security menu (In this example I use Namecheap shared hosting).

Ssl Or Tsl Manager From Cpanel Hosting Min

Then click on “Generate, view, upload, or delete your private key” As shown below. This proccess is required to describe information over SSL connections.

Migrate From Http To Https On Cpanel And WordPress

Please select Key Size 2.048 and fill in the description section, eg, “SSL CERTIFICATE FOR YOUR DOMAIN NAME” and click Generate.

Generate A New Private Key Ssl On Cpanel Hosting Min

Before obtaining an SSL certificate for your website, you need to generate a Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) with the click of Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request). Please Click “Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.

Generate Csr Ssl On WordPress Site Min

Please fill in all CSR columns, then click Generate.

Generate New Csr Image 1 Min

Generate New Csr Image 2 Min

You will see your CSR has been generated, and please copy all contents contained in the box “Encoded Certificate Signing Request.” And give this CSR code to the SSL provider you chose to generate your SSL certificate.

Copy Encode Csr Min

Once you send CSR to the SSL provider, you will get SSL Your certificate is enabled and get it. And then please to check whether the certificate is installed for you with Generate Click, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.

Generate Crt Ssl On Cpanel WordPress Shared Hosting Min

And paste in the box provided and click Save Certificate.

Upload New Certificate Min

The final step is to enable SSL certificate On your Web; it is easy enough to Click “Setup an SSL certificate to work with your site.”

Manage And Install Ssl To Your Website Min

And select the domain that you have installed the SSL certificate, and then click “Autofill by Domain.” and click Install Certificate.

Install Ssl Certificate Min

Done, you have successfully installed the HTTPS SSL certificate on your hosting server.

Tutorial how to settings HTTPS on WordPress Site

Please go to the Settings menu -> General and make changes to the URL Address.

Setting Https In WordPress Site Min

To speed up and time efficiency, use the “Really Simple SSL” plugin for HTTPS settings on WordPress.

Really Simple Ssl WordPress Plugin Min

Adjust the configuration really simple SSL with the following picture

Really Simple Ssl WordPress Plugin Configuration Settings

Congratulations, now your website is secure and loved by Google.

How Migrate From HTTP To HTTPS On Cpanel And WordPress Site For Beginner Min

Thus my article about How Migrate From HTTP To HTTPS on Cpanel And WordPress Site For Beginner, hope useful 🙂

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