Here’s Why You Should Use Windows Defender As The Only Antivirus in Windows 10

If you have used windows 10 and windows defender, do not use another antivirus on your computer. Why? for example if a laptop there are two antiviruses, even more, then there will be a power struggle. The reason, antivirus one will consider the other antivirus as a virus and so on that will degrade the performance of the computer that is running.

Windows defender is built-in antivirus from windows 10, so windows defender will be the front guard in computer defense against virus and malware attacks. I confirm with periodic updates, using Windows Defender will be more secure than using third-party antivirus software.

You Should Use Windows Defender As The Only Antivirus In Windows 10 Min

According to a post on the former Mozilla Developer’s blog, Robert O’Callahan, third-party antivirus software developers do not follow the standard of security practices, resulting in many security flaws. Differences with Microsoft who competently follow the procedures in security practices.

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O’Callahan also revealed his experience while still working as a developer at Mozilla. At that time, he ensured that ASLR works in Firefox on Windows, the AV vendor (Antivirus) destroys it by injecting it with their ASLR and disabling DDL-a set of commands for database processing-into the process. ASLR is an address layout randomization that serves to randomly store the memory location of libraries, stack, heap and other data structures so that intruders that will exploit a memory bug cannot know which position will be compromised by malicious code.

Not all users will consider windows defender as the best antivirus; I never use an antivirus because the operating system that I use to work is LINUX. But if given a choice when using windows 10 operating system, I will still choose windows defender as antivirus and update periodically

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