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This page created specifically for those of you who want to participate make articles on the But before deciding to post articles on the blog, you should first consider the General guidelines in writing an article on the blog As for the category which should be written in the manufacture of the articles will be approved and screened at seegatesite is about Android, Bootstrap, Info Gadget, Jquery, Laravel Framework, Linux, PHP, Plugin, Publisher Tips, SEO, and WordPress

The guidelines that must be followed so that the article could be accepted and published on my site is as follows :

  1. Articles that are created must be original and not plagiarism. The article has never been published on other blogs or on your own blog.
  2. A long article written should have a minimum of 350 words and the maximum is not limited and was written using English.
  3. Strictly forbidden to write articles that contain adult content (pornography) either writing or pictures.
  4. It is prohibited to add URLs that directs visitors to your blog or website other than If forced to add an active link to other blogs, it is possible to add the URL to your own blog just maximum 1 (one) link. With notes, active URLs are still relevant to the articles that you discussed.
  5. Allowed to attach relevant images to the article and the images do not violate any copyright.
  6. Do not use the site to perform action fraud, violating the privacy of others, and compatriots.
  7. Prohibited from using techniques that violate Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines such use On page SEO or Off page SEO ¬†conducted to excess either in the article or in the comment¬†box.
  8. If at the time of the review or later was found to violate one of the guidelines above, will be undertaken strict measures like not publishing articles, deleting articles, and or remove comments.

Important Rules :

  • I have the right to reject articles that you created if the article is in violation of one of the guidelines.

  • The article will go into the moderation queue to do the reviews in advance and the date of publication of the article without the author’s knowledge.

  • For those who have a blog or website, then it will get quality backlinks from

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