Free Amazon Asin Grabber Plugin and Tutorial


Previously I made an article about Quickly Build Amazon ASIN Grabber with Simple Html DOM , For easy to use, I try create this script into wordpress plugin. With this plugin you can have your own amazon asin grabber.  Besides giving this plugin to you for free, i share tutorial how to build Amazon Asin Grabber as wordpress plugin  too :).

Okay, we lets start asin grabber tutorial 🙂 (NOTE : This is my first wordpress plugin 🙂 )

Free Amazon Asin Grabber as WordPress Plugin

  • For create wordpress plugin, we need to write Standard Plugin Information header. This header lets WordPress recognize that your Plugin exists, add it to the Plugin management screen so it can be activated, load it, and run its functions; without the header, your Plugin will never be activated and will never run ( Read more how to create wordpress plugin here ). Create new php file, give name as asin-grabber.php

  • Create add_action to locate your plugin menu

  • admin_menu : is the name of add_action.
  • lokasi_menu : is my add_action value.
  • To put location of plugins in the settings menu we need a function add_options_page.
  • Create Asin Grabber function

We create HTML Form in asin_grabber_func(), we need 2 parameters to grab asin from amazon (amazon url and page count).

Create function asin_back() in the above of asin_grabber_func().

The function is , after we submit the form, we call asin_back() function to return.

  • Create function to grab asin , give name as graburl()

Voila, Your asin grabber plugin has been created 🙂

If you need to download example amazon asin grabber , click link below 
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. or download here

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  1. Nice! Thanks for this addon..

    One thing.. when I tried.. If I ask 10 page.. no problem.. But if I ask 50 or more.. I get no result.. Page come empty.. Probably something about a too long request.. I think an option “how many page per request” should be needed..

  2. whenever i enter url and click submit it gives me 404 error

  3. Hey Sigit,
    Great resources for building API based plugins on your site.
    I wanted to know if its easy to implement outputting product titles along with its corresponding ASIN numbers (e.g. AB14324242 —> Apple iPhone).

    Also, how easy or difficult would be to create an application like this?

  4. hi,

    with ASIN grabber all when ASIN get grabbed and when we put to CSV bulk import the products get imported but not all the variations. why it is so??
    Is there any method to grab only parent ASINs because only variations are coming with the parent ASINs

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