Easy Way To Add Light WordPress Support Ticket Plugin

Seegatesite – I will share an article about Easy Way To Add Light WordPress Support Ticket Plugin. If you have an online store, of course menu support ticket is the main supporting features. The ease of communication between the customer and us as a seller is a critical success factor in building an online shop. In the large online sites such as amazon.com, ebay.com, etc we often see there are three channels that can be used to communicate with the support staff, namely via telephone, live chat and ticket support system. Yes, all three channels is a critical success of an online store. If you are using wordpress as your online store, WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Plugin makes it easy for us to create a support system without using coding.

How Does Wordpress Support Ticket Work

System support ticket is a dynamic way of communicating between buyers and customers as well as direct message but has a more feature complete. The way the system works more or less like support groove below

– Email address, an email address must be present to receive a reply from the support team.
– Category, the category is used to request and insert attachments if necessary.
– Type in request whatever is necessary in the mailbox.
– Click on the submit button “submit ticket” to send your request.
– After a while, the reply will be sent back to the email address provided.

Above is a little general description of how the support ticket system works well. After you add this system on the website, you can receive all requests from clients and helping them solve problems in a fast time. It can increase your business reputation.

How to install WordPress Support Ticket Plugin on your wordpress

Once you have understood of what the ticket support system, now follow this tutorial to add a ticket system to your WordPress. In this tutorial I will use the plugin WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System.

1. Install WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket Support

WP Support Plus Responsive Support Ticket is a plugin created by pradeepmakone07, which has a rating of 5 and there are 3000+ users. In addition to light, this plugin also has full support for responsive design (a highly profitable support mobilegeddon’s era). We can collect all the tickets and arranging them into each category. This plugin has the advantage to set the priority of each ticket.

Easy Way To Add Light WordPress Support Ticket Plugin

After installing this plugin, there is support plus menu on your wordpress sidebar menu.

2. Create a new page for the Support Ticket System

Creating a new page through the Pages » Add New and give it a name. Here, I created a page called Support Ticket, and then click Publish.

Create WordPress Support Ticket Plugin

3. Support Ticket System Setup

Go to the Support Plus » Settings. There are three tabs are available for setting the support ticket system, including General, Categories and Email Notifications. Each tab contains a list of options.


Wordpress Support Ticket Plugin With General Settings

This tab includes the initial setup support ticket. Here we can determine the location of support ticket (can be any page / post). You will get a shortcode [wp_support_plus] to be inserted into the support ticket page that has been made previously to show support ticket form. Support Button used to display overlay button to take you to a support ticket immediately.

Guest ticket is used to display the ticket support without login. Display Guest support as shown below

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Plugin Guest Ticket


To help clients find answers effectively, it is necessary to create categories to classify all ticket history. Open the Categories tab and type the name of the required categories. Click on “Create New Categories” to create a new category.

Category Setting WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Plugin

Email Notifications

Email Notification WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Plugin

This tab is the place to determine whether to send an email to the administrator or agent when a new ticket is created or updated. Check the options to suit individual needs. Click the “Save Settings” to confirm all changes.

You have finished setting WP Responsive Support Plus Ticket System Plugin. The next step I’ll give you an example of how to use wordpress support ticket

How to use the Wordpress Support Ticket Plugin

1. Make sure you have made a wordpress account for your customer / agent.
2. Create a support ticket in the form of support that has been provided.
How To Use WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Plugin
3. Click on the submit button, then the support ticket has been made.
4. As a website administrator, you will get 1 ticket support from your customers, please go to the support plus page.

Support Plus Admin Menu WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Plugin

Thus my explanation about the Easy Way To Add Light WordPress Support Ticket Plugin, may be useful and increase your online shop revenues.

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System
  • Design
  • Responsive
  • Utility
  • Light weight


If you have online shop site, you must install this plugin for increasing your brand.

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