Easy Way Install Anti Adblock Plugin for WordPress and Blogger

Seegatesite will share an article about how to install anti adblock plugin or adblock killer on wordpress site. Using the anti adblock plugin is form of rejection from adblock addon on browsers that reduce advertising revenues from website, where the ads used as lives a website. I get the anti adblock script from various reliable sources, and can function well for WordPress site.

I personally use adblock plus addon, although I didn’t support any ad-blocking activity. I use adblock because too many sites use the annoying ads such as pop-up ads, animated ads that heavy burden the CPU and spend our internet bandwidth.

Many of bloggers who began to fret with the existence of adblock plus, many people ask me, “How do I install anti adblock plugin ? “, “What is the best anti adblock adsense? ” And some even ask “How to create anti adblock script for bloggers? “. Frankly, I myself never use anti adblock script for my site. An outline, the purpose of adblock killer plugin can be good or bad for your site. Using anti adblock plugin can reduce your visitors.

Easy Way Install Anti Adblock Plugin For WordPress And Blogger

How Does Anti Adblock Plugin Work

Anti Adblock plugin created with javascript where the js detect the existence of adblock plus addon the browser. Anti adblock plugin has the following functions

– Users install / activate the Adblock extension in the browser
– Users Enable Javascript on the site
– Users install / activate Anti Adblock extension Killer in browser

How to create anti adblock plugin for wordpress

Previously I thank to http://www.arlinadzgn.com/ who share how to create anti adblock script for blogger. From this source i try to implement anti adblock code to wordpress site in some methods.

#1. Installation Anti Adblock script from wordpress’s widget and blogger’s widget

1. Copy this code below to your widget menu

How To Install Anti Adblock Script To Widget Menu WordPress

How To Install Anti Adblock Jquery To Widget Menu WordPress

2. Save and refresh your browser to see the result

#2. Create Anti Adblock plugin wordpress

1. Create a new folder on your plugin directory as sgt_anti_adblock
2. Create new php file as sgt_anti_adblock.php and copy this code below

2. Create new javascript file as sgt_anti_adblock.js and copy this script below.

3. Create new css file as sgt_anti_adblock.css and copy this css script below

4. Active the sgt_anti_adblock plugin from plugin menu wordpress.

Voila, your anti adblock plugin is already to used. The anti adblock full script can be downloaded below

Conclusion : Anti adblock plugin not the best solution to fight adblock extension, create content that is good and useful to others then they will reply to you

Thus article is about Easy Way Install Anti Adblock Plugin for WordPress, hope useful 🙂

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  1. This Script is for WordPress , but i want for blogger, & most of the scripts are working only on pc , so what to do for phone adblockers

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